The Rock Officially Joins Fortnite As The Foundation, Complete With Iconic Eyebrow Raise

The Rock Officially Joins Fortnite As The Foundation, Complete With Iconic Eyebrow Raise

After nearly a year of speculation over who The Foundation is, Fortnite's 'The End' event confirmed that Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson is lending his face and voice to the character.

Back when The Foundation first appeared in Chapter 2, Season 6, many speculated that he was being played by the Rock, thanks to the similar voice, the placement of his armour looking like Dwayne's real-life tattoo, and a video that the former wrestler made referencing The Foundation on the same day as the character's reveal. Dwayne even shared a video for his energy drink that featured The Foundation's helmet.

That long-standing theory has now been confirmed, a whole chapter later. During Fortnite's 'The End' event, a cutscene played showing that Doctor Slone had kidnapped Jonesy and was putting him under some kind of mental torture. As she prepared to kill him, The Foundation burst through the door and rescued him.

Doctor Slone then said that she thought she had killed him before he took off his mask and revealed his face and voice to be that of The Rock Even better than just having The Foundation look like Dwayne Johnson, he also does his iconic eyebrow raise several times throughout the trailer. He then says he rescued Jonesy as he promised to help him find Geno, before proceeding to flip the entire map on its head.

It's not clear what sort of role The Foundation will have throughout Fortnite, but as one of 'The Seven', he's considered a pretty important character. Considering how many actors and characters have crossed over into Fortnite, it does raise a few questions – is he The Rock, or is he a completely different Fortnite character that just happens to look and sound like The Rock?

After 'The End' debuted, Dwayne Johnson took to Twitter to share his appearance, saying, "We flipped the island. Now it’s time to take down the Imagined Order". The Foundation will appear at some point during this season's battle pass and will likely be unlocked through challenges.

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