The Sims 4: Everything You Need To Know About Ravasheen’s Into the Void Mod

The Sims 4: Everything You Need To Know About Ravasheen’s Into the Void Mod

Typically, Stuff Packs in The Sims 4 focus on Create-a-Sim or Build-Buy items, with one or two gameplay goodies hidden in the mix. In Kids Room Stuff, the standout feature is Voidcritters. Likened to Pokemon by many Simmers, Voidcritters are collectible sets of cards and creatures which can be trained, battled, and leveled up.

Unfortunately, Voidcritters have two main problems. First, children are the only ones who can use the cards. Sure, everyone can collect them, but children are the only Sims who can use the Battle Station. Second, the Battle Station is, well, too big. You can’t take it anywhere since it won’t go into a Sim’s inventory, and it takes up quite a bit of space in a room.

Luckily, Ravasheen’s Into the Void: Voidcritter Gaming Tablet mod fixes all of these problems, and adds a lot of cool features that, honestly, should’ve been in the Kids Room Stuff pack in the first place.

9 Pack Compatibility For Into The Void

Into the Void utilizes the Voidcritters from Kid’s Room Stuff, of course. But it also includes Simmies, brought to the game with The Sims 4: Snowy Escape. While you can’t collect Simmie Capsules using the tablet, you can buy Simmie-related merchandise.

To actually use the mod, though, you only need Kids Room Stuff. A bunch of its features are even Base Game Compatible. Interactions involving Voidcritter cards – collecting, battling or training Voidcritters, etc.– require Kids Room Stuff, but shopping and other features are totally Base Game Compatible.

8 The Voidcritter Tablet

The Tablet is your Sim’s portal into the Voidcritters world, for everyone from Children to Elders. Little Dica and Ravasheen created a revamped version of the toddler tablet, this time in ten Voidcritter-inspired colors and with a lit-up logo.

You absolutely need the tablet to use these new Voidcritters features, but the good news is that you can use it wherever your Sim is. It works both in the world and from your Sim’s inventory, so you really can use it anywhere. Shift-clicking on the tablet also unlocks a number of cheat options, from “Find 10 Virtual Voidcritters” to “Acquire All Monsters.”

7 Now You Can Shop Online For Voidcritter Cards

With the Voidcritter Gaming Tablet, Sims can buy Voidcritter cards, merchandise, or furniture; anything Voidcritter – or Simmie – related can be bought here. You can also buy three types of Voidcritter cards: regular cards, booster packs, or limited-edition foil card, but there will be a markup for shopping this way.

Foil cards will sell for a markup of 4x, regular cards for 2x, and furniture items for a 1.5x markup. For Sims who can afford it, the tablet is a super convenient way to find all of the Voidcritter furniture in one place.

6 Battling Voidcritters

Battling Voidcritters on the tablet works for children through elder Sims, and uses the fun animation from the Voidcritter TV channel. And while all Sims will gain Fun while playing, the tablet will also boost age-specific skills: video game skill for teenagers-elders, and motor skill for children. Mood, emotions, and Voidcritter level will determine how long a Sim will play for, and even how successful they might be in battle. Certain cards and/or elements are also stronger against others, so it will take some experimenting to find the proper combinations. Foil cards don’t increase your chances of winning, but they do make a great collector’s item.

5 Finding Opponents

Right now, Sims can only battle other players online, and only Sims they don’t know. Cards are also randomly generated for all opponents (including card type, element, and power level), which makes the chance of winning different each time.

Winning or losing will cause Sims to gain or lose relationship points, and Mean or Hot-Headed Sims are more likely to get angry at a loss. For both battling and training, Voidcritter cards don’t actually have to be in a Sim’s inventory; however, they do have to be on the same lot as a Sim. Feel free to take the tablet to the park, but make sure you bring your cards, too.

4 Training Voidcritters

Voidcritters can also be trained on the tablet, just like they can on the Battle Station. Each Voidcritter will begin at level one, and will go up one level with each completed training session. Voidcritters can reach a maximum of level ten, and predictably, the higher their level, the higher chance a Voidcritter has of winning in battle.

Sims with higher video game or motor skill can train their Voidcritters faster, but impatient Simmers can shift-click the tablet during training to input the “Max All Skills” cheat.

3 Voidcritters Go

Voidcritters Go is an ode to the still-popular Pokemon Go, allowing Sims to collect Virtual Voidcritters around their neighborhood. These Voidcritters can’t be trained or battled, and Sims won’t keep them after the game is over. Instead, Sims are tasked with finding ten Virtual Voidcritters in an eight-hour time period. Once the task is done your Sim will recieve a randomly-generated Voidcritter card or furniture item.

Sims find Virtual Voidcritters by clicking on any spot on the ground, or even on specific furniture items. They won’t find a Voidcritter every time they look, and the more often they look in the same spot, the less likely they are to find anything. Try traveling to a different lot, or taking a break!

The mechanics are similar to festival interactions (like finding eggs on Bunny Day), but since Ravasheen coded everything from scratch, the probability of finding Virtual Voidcritters is totally unique to this mod.

2 Voidcritters For All (Ages)

While the tablet can be used by Sims of (almost) all ages, it does not override the rules or functions of the Battle Station. In that case, vanilla rules apply: anyone child or older can collect Voidcritter cards, but only children can actually train and battle them.

Children can still use and own the tablet and Battle Station together, and the same groups of cards can be used for both systems. However, because modders are amazing, Nekomimi’s Voidcritters For Everyone mod unlocks the Battle Station for all Sims child-elder.

1 Add-Ons and Future Updates

In her January 2022 livestream, Ravasheen noted that she wanted to work on new add-on and updated content for Into the Void in the future. Potential updates include more collectible items, murals, and even functional toys, plus general re-vamps of existing items to give them more Voidcritter swatches. She is also hoping to add Voidcritter club activities, and the ability to battle household or group members on the tablet, too.

There are no set dates for these updates, and nothing is guaranteed at the moment, but keep an eye on Ravasheen’s website and social media channels for more information.

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