The Sims 4: Snowy Escape: All The Simmies (& Where To Find Them)

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape: All The Simmies (& Where To Find Them)

The Sims 4: Snowy Escape introduces vending machines for the very first time and there are several to discover in Mt. Komorebi. You’ll find refreshment courtesy of the Hot Eats and Treats and Freezie Treats machines, which offer hot and cold food and drink respectively. Alternatively, if you’re in need of supplies for your adventures, including snowboards and skis, bug repellant, and soothing injury balm, the Bits ‘n Bobbles machine has you covered. However, in this guide, we’re taking a look at the pink and blue Simmie machines.

The Simmies Collection

Simmies are The Sims 4’s version of Gashapon or Gachapon, popular capsule toys found in vending machines in Japan. You can get them from the brightly colored pink and turquoise machines found in each neighborhood of Mt. Komorebi.

There are 12 unique designs in total and each one also has a gold variant, making 24 overall. The collection will be considered complete once your Sim has collected all 12 regular Simmies.

As you may expect, some are more difficult than others to find. However, every Simmie can be found in any vending machine meaning you don’t need to travel, although there are advantages of doing so.

Finding The Vending Machines

In every neighborhood, the vending machines can be found by walking from any lot in the area. Here we show you how to find them from the public lots in each neighborhood.


If you head over to the Hazakura Lounge in Wakaba, you’ll spot the vending machines just across from the entrance over by the square.

With the lounge entrance behind you, walk straight forward, past the notice board and then turn left and head up the stairs. The Simmie machine is on the left against the wall.


The machine in Senbamachi is the furthest walk but also one of the easiest to use. In the image above the main machine is circled but there is also a second machine, which you can just see to the left around the corner of the building. This means you can rotate machines to avoid deaths.

This may look complicated but it’s easier than it appears. When you load into the park lot you’ll see a bridge in front of you that takes you over the river. Cross this bridge and then walk straight down the road. It soon opens up into the square and you’ll see both sets of vending machines on the two visible sides of the same building.


In Yukimatsu the machines are easy to find. Simply head towards the gigantic ski lift which you can see as soon as you have your back to the Onsen building. They are located in the square at the bottom of the lift.

Simply follow the wide path that veers left and you’ll see them opposite the food stall and behind the public restrooms.

Simmie Tiers

Collecting Simmies is simply a case of purchasing them repeatedly from the vending machines. Each capsule costs $50 and the value of them is variable. Rarer Simmies are worth more, as are gold versions.

There are three tiers of rarity in total, Green, Blue, and Purple. Green is the most common, followed by blue and then purple. Here are the tiers of the different Simmies:

  • Green Tier Simmies: Buddy, Gnome, and Yamachan.
  • Blue Tier Simmies: Jasmine Holiday, Ol’ Gabby, Princess Cordelia, Father Winter, Izzy Fabulous, and Madame Zoe.
  • Purple Tier Simmies: Mayor Whiskers, Pit Beast, and Medieval Grim.

You’ll notice that the capsules that Simmies come in are also the same colors but this isn’t directly tied to what’s inside, it just increases the chance of finding rarer collectibles. The green capsules appear more likely to contain green Simmies, the blue ones more likely to contain blue Simmies, and the purple ones more likely to contain purple Simmies. However, we did find Simmies of every rarity in different colored capsules.

The appearance of golden Simmies doesn’t appear to have a pattern, but sometimes they come in waves when you change machines.

The Dangers Of Simmie Collecting

Mostly completing the collection is just a case of time and money. You can sell duplicates to keep your funds up and just keep going. However, there is a hidden danger to collecting and that’s the return of the vending machine death.

Every so often your items will get stuck and your sim will need to shake the machine. As they do so pay attention to the animations. Mostly they will just slam into the machine and the item will be dislodged. However, if the action has to be repeated more than a couple of times they will climb the machine, as pictured above.

The first time a sim climbs like this the machine will fall over and squash them. However, they should be able to lift it up with their feet, giving them a “near miss” debuff that makes them dazed.

If a sim climbs the machine again while this debuff is still active, it will mean they cannot push the machine back up and grim will pay a visit.

So, remember patience is a virtue, and if you get the debuff from climbing the machine make sure you don’t shake it again. Traveling to a different neighborhood and using another machine can help it reset, and also help you avoid a disaster.

It’s possible to collect all the Simmies without a single death and from a single machine but changing locations does seem to help with the randomization falling more in your favor.

Good luck and happy hunting!

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