The Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald’s Toys Confirms Super Mario Galaxy’s Lumalee Will Appear

The Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald’s Toys Confirms Super Mario Galaxy’s Lumalee Will Appear

The Super Mario Bros. Movie toys that have just started appearing at McDonald's reveal that Super Mario Galaxy's Lumalee will appear in the film in some capacity.

Although The Super Mario Bros. Movie isn't going to be in cinemas for another four months, it was originally supposed to have released on December 22 of this year, which means that the tie-in marketing with McDonald's has already begun. We've known about this Maccies collaboration for some time, but now that it's out in the open it's revealed a surprising character inclusion.

When The Super Mario Bros. Movie McDonald's toys were initially leaked a few months ago, we pointed out that one of the toys was of a Luma, noting that Luma's hadn't been confirmed for the movie yet. At the time, it wasn't clear if the Luma had a specific identity since it looked like a normal Luma and wasn't holding anything to make it clear that it was Lumalee, but now that the toys are out in the wild, the Luma's identity has been confirmed as Lumalee from Super Mario Galaxy (thanks nintendomerch).

For those of you who don't remember, Lumalee is a shopkeeper Luma that appears in both the first and second Super Mario Galaxy games. In the first game, Lumalee pops up before boss battles and in certain galaxies to offer Mario the choice between a 1-UP Mushroom and a Life Mushroom, which can be bought with Star Bits.

In Super Mario Galaxy 2, Lumalee would appear in certain galaxies, just like the first game, but could also be found on Starship Mario as a chance minigame of sorts. Players could use Star Bits to roll the chance dice and have the possibility of earning a range of items. This relatively minor role in both games makes it a little confusing why they've chosen Lumalee to appear in The Super Mario Bros. Movie and not, say, Baby Luma or Lubba.

Whatever the reason, it does confirm that some content from Super Mario Galaxy will be making an appearance in the movie, something that was teased in the trailer with Peach's mention of "galaxies". Whether that also includes a Rosalina cameo of some kind isn't clear just now, but if Lumalee can show up as a character big enough to get their own McDonald's toy, then it's anyone's guess as to who else can turn up.

As for the toy itself, it doesn't give too much away about the character's role in the movie, as all it can do is stay in one position and have its base spun around. Interestingly, McDonald's didn't mark Lumalee as a "surprise" toy like it did for the Super Sonic figure during its Sonic the Hedgehog 2 collaboration (yes really, toys are considered spoilers now), which means that it probably doesn't view the character being featured in the film as a spoiler.

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