The Unliving: Guide To All Humans And Undead In Sunspire

The Unliving: Guide To All Humans And Undead In Sunspire

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When it comes to The Unliving, it can already be quite tricky to reach areas like Sunspire in the first place. You have to clear Burial Isle and Caredhwaithian Mires every time you start a raid since you start in the first area every time you decide to head back in for a raid.

As soon as you load into Sunspire, you'll realize that things are pretty serious because it has a layout of a castle. You'll meet multiple scary opponents, and it'll feel equally rewarding after you defeat them. While it can be hard to clear Sunspire, knowing about the living and undead of the area goes a long way.

The Unliving is currently in Early Access, and all the content mentioned in this article is subject to change.

Sunspire Humans Guide

The humans in every area are divided into four categories: Fighter, Ranged, Giant, and Unholy. While there are only four categories, they can have multiple types of humans at the same time. You can see these categories on the right side of your screen, and you'll also be able to see the sacrificial runes allotted to them here.

Sacrificial Runes are small abilities that can be acquired every time you interact with a Blood, Echo, Bone, or Lifeforce Essence. Instead of changing the entire ability of the human type they're allotted to, they provide small buffs to them like making the enemies vulnerable or dealing extra damage to them.

Every human in the game has a special ability that they can use to gain an advantage during battle. Understanding how these abilities work is important because even a small group of humans can wipe your army out if left unchecked. When you know their abilities, you can keep a lookout for them and prepare accordingly.

Here's everything you need to know about the human abilities in Sunspire and how to counter them:

Name Of HumanSpecial AbilityHow To Counter
City WatcherThese are the basic fighters of Sunspire similar to Mirefolk and Peasants in the other regions before it. While they don't possess any specific ability, they can be quite annoying to go against at the start of this area.

This is because they hurl their spear at the Necromancer and you need to make sure you avoid this early damage. Furthermore, City Watchers can dodge damage done to them using their shield sometimes.

You won't need to pay attention to countering a City Watcher during the late game. In the beginning, make sure you avoid their spears and attack them alongside the undead to prevent early losses.
StormtrooperIf left unchecked, Stormtroopers can be one of the most lethal enemies in Sunspire. Whenever Necromancer comes close to them, they perform a double dash directly toward him.

The first dash gets them close to you, and they throw a rope toward you at this point. If this rope hits you, the Stormtrooper will come close to you and deal damage.

To avoid taking damage, the first order of business is to avoid getting close to them. Although, this isn't always possible because of their huge detection range.

When a Stormtrooper is performing the dashes, keep moving around and she's going to miss her rope.

Sun ArcherThe ranged enemies in Burial Isle and Caredhwaithian Mires have been fairly deadly, so it's a surprise that the Sun Archers aren't that good in Sunspire. Occasionally, they'd shoot a simple arrow toward the Necromancer.In most circumstances, you wouldn't have to try too hard to dodge the Sun Archer's attack. An easy way to counter them without trying is to constantly move around in battle.
High PriestAs the name suggests, High Priest is generally the healer of Sunspire. Although, his special ability consists of him making a flaming figure during battle. This figure will constantly attack nearby undead.

Furthermore, High Priest will toss a firebomb toward the Necromancer occasionally, which can deal a ton of damage.

The most important thing to counter the High Priest is to keep an eye out for a red circle below Necromancer. This appears when the enemy is about to toss a firebomb at you.

Moreover, it's recommended to aim at the Priest himself instead of the flaming figure. This is because the figure automatically dies when the Priest does.

VeteranWhen you start your journey on Sunspire, you might see a Veteran running into his house. You'll meet this enemy further into the area, and he can jump directly to your army's back line and attack with his huge blade.While the Veteran doesn't directly jump on the Necromancer, he can divide your army by jumping into the back line. When you're facing this enemy, it's important to kill him as fast as possible.
Corrupt HierarchThe most dangerous enemy in Sunspire, the Corrupt Hierarch has a set of two special abilities. With the first one, he can freeze some undead completely, making it impossible for them to attack or get attacked.

Furthermore, the Hierarch will go into a frozen state himself when he's about to die and constantly throw deadly projectiles at the Necromancer.

While freezing a few undead might not be a big problem, you need to keep an eye out for his frozen state. During this, all you can do is move around and dodge all his projectiles.
PaladinPaladin is a buffed giant in Sunspire, but he doesn't have a particular special ability. Instead, he has a total of three health bars because he has double shields.You don't have to do anything in particular to counter Paladin, but it's important to focus on him after you kill off all the squishy enemies in the area.

Sunspire Undead Guide

At the beginning of each area, you get three basic fighters as undead to start building your army. After killing a group of enemies, you can convert them into undead and add them to your army as well. Just like every human, the undead also possess a special ability that can be used only when they're sacrificed.

It's important to note that you'll lose the undead forever when you decide to sacrifice them and use their ability. This leads to engaging scenarios where you can choose the timing of sacrifices.

Sacrificing an undead also consumes some Lifeforce, which is displayed as a green bar right below your health bar. Here's everything you need to know about different undead sacrificial abilities and when to use them:

Name Of UndeadSacrificial AbilityHow To Use
Undead City WatcherThere are two parts to this ability, and the first one works similarly to the basic fighters in the other areas. Upon sacrifice, City Watcher explodes dealing damage to the surrounding enemies and obstacles.

After the explosion, a phantom is formed that seeks out a nearby enemy and explodes on them as well.

This ability can be amazing for breaking barricades and damaging multiple enemies at the same time if they're overwhelming your army. Since you'll get a lot of City Watchers during your run, don't hesitate to sacrifice them.
Undead StormtrooperUnlike their human counterpart, Stormtrooper's sacrificial ability is strictly short-range. When it's activated, the undead uses their claws to attack in front, scaring all the enemies away.The main part of this ability is frightening the enemies. You can use it to disperse large groups if it looks like your army can't tackle them.
Undead Sun ArcherThrows a zigzag arrow that deals damage to every enemy in the path.This ability is perfect for getting rid of smaller enemies on the other side of a barricade. This reduces the damage taken by your army as they try to get through.
Undead High PriestA buff to Cleric's ability from other areas, High Priest can heal the surrounding Necromancer and undead, and also provide some bonus HP to them for a bit.Unlike undead Cleric, you can ideally use High Priest's ability in the middle of a battle. There aren't a lot of these in Sunspire, so use their ability only when it's necessary.
Undead VeteranThis ability creates a huge strike that crowd controls and gathers the enemy in the center, dealing a lot of damage to them.There are situations when your army gets divided because of two enemy hordes. You can use the undead Veteran's ability in one of these to get rid of the horde quickly.
Undead Corrupt HierarchWhen an undead Corrupt Hierarch is sacrificed, a few enemies are hexed and take great damage after a short delay.While this ability is great for getting rid of even tanky enemies, you need to choose a good time to use it. Corrupt Hierarchs are very rare in Sunspire.
Undead PaladinPaladin turns himself into a totem, preventing any healing and health buffs given to the humans.Healing isn't a big problem in Sunspire, which makes this ability quite useless. You'll likely benefit more by letting Paladin fight enemies normally.

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