The Witcher 3: How To Get The Best Ending For Hearts Of Stone

The Witcher 3: How To Get The Best Ending For Hearts Of Stone

During The Witcher 3‘s Hearts of Stone expansion, Geralt is forced to do the bidding of the evil Gaunter O’Dimm. The witcher’s main task is to end the pact between the villain and Olgierd von Everec. It makes for a deep and compelling narrative, and you get to decide how it all plays out.

There are two distinct endings to choose from; one involves O’Dimm taking the soul of Olgierd; whereas, the other has Geralt outsmarting the Man of Glass. The latter is generally considered the morally ‘good’ ending, but both are well-written and brilliantly executed. And this guide includes all of the information you need to achieve either one of them.

Challenge Gaunter O’Dimm Ending

If you want to take Gaunter O’Dimm on at his own game, you have to find out exactly how he operates. To do this, you need to meet Shani at the beginning of the expansion’s last quest (Whatsoever A Man Soweth) and go with her to see Professor Shakeslock – without doing so, getting this ending is impossible.

Afterward, follow the objective to meet Olgierd at the Temple of Lilvani. It doesn’t take long for O’Dimm to show up and try to take Olgierd’s soul. Then you have to select the “Help Olgierd” option, which will result in Geralt challenging the game’s most powerful monster, who gives the witcher a riddle.

How To Solve The Riddle

The riddle: “To all things and men I appertain, and yet by some am shunned and disdained. Fondle and ogle me till you’re insane, but no blow can harm me, cause me pain. Children delight in me, elders take fright, fair maids rejoice and spin. Cry, and I weep, yawn, and I sleep, smile, and I too shall grin.”

You then have to find the solution to the riddle in O’Dimm’s strange world, with the added difficulty of a time limit. To locate it, you need to follow the path to the north. They’ll be times when you have to turn left or right to get around something, yet if you always aim to head north, it should be no trouble getting to the desired area.

Eventually, after passing O’Dimm’s many tricks and monsters, you’ll find yourself at a big house. Run through it until you enter into a land that’s filled with mirrors. The reflective object initially seems to be the answer to the riddle, but O’Dimm keeps shattering them. Thankfully, the real solution is simply ‘reflection.’

Upon entering the mirror-filled room, go down the stairs and head left to get around the big hole in the center. On the other side of it, behind a red mirror, there’s an inactive fountain. Go to the wall behind it and use Aard to release the water; this allows Geralt to look into it and defeat the villain.

The Witcher and Oldgierd then share a moment, and the latter hands over one of the rarest steel swords in the game, bringing the story to an end.

Let Olgierd Die Ending

Achieving the ‘Olgierd’s death’ ending requires a lot less effort than the other conclusion. All you have to do is either choose the option “Don’t get involved” when O’Dimm attempts to kill Olgierd or not meet with Shani and the professor.

Regardless of which method you pick, Master Mirror murders Olgierd. It’s among the most tragic character endings in the game, but at least you receive a reward for it. These are the options you get:

  • “Wanna be as swift as the wind” (The Caparison of Lament saddle)
  • “Never wanna go hungry again” (Horn of Plenty – an endless food supply)
  • “A bottle of vodka that’s always full” (Bottomless Carafe – a neverending supply of hard alcohol)
  • “Make me rich” (5000 crowns)
  • “Don’t want anything from you” (get nothing)
  • “Wanna know where Ciri is” (even O’Dimm can’t find her, but gives you tips on how to keep her alive)

Once you make a choice, the story is over.

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