The Witcher 3 Private Parts Modder Claims CDPR Used Mod Without Permission

The Witcher 3 Private Parts Modder Claims CDPR Used Mod Without Permission

I'm not sure anyone had CD Projekt Red getting wrapped up in a controversy surrounding genitals on their 2023 bingo card, but that's exactly what's being going down with The Witcher 3 over the past few days and the studio just can't sweep the saga under the rug. Last week, an NSFW image of The Crones of Crookback Bog made its way around social media, showing them stark naked with their nether regions fully on display during the scene in which they mask themselves as humans when encountering Ciri.

CD Projekt Red was quick to respond to this image, letting everyone know that their addition was due to a community-sourced mod that had managed to slip through during development of the next-gen update. The studio went on to promise that it's currently "working on a fix," but a new development in the story has turned what was once a silly story into something a little more serious.

First reported by Kotaku, someone has claimed that the mod that slipped through was their 'Vaginas for Everyone' mod and that CD Projekt Red used it without their permission. It's an older mod that was created for the original PC version of The Witcher 3, and while there's no way to confirm its the one that CD Projekt Red used in this slip up, the creator swears that it's theirs and that they had no idea CD Projekt Red had pinched it for the next-gen update.

CD Projekt Red has yet to respond to this allegation, though it does call into question how many other mods the studio could have potentially lifted should the accusations be accurate. In CD Projekt Red's defence, it did claim before the release of the next-gen update that it would be crediting and paying creators for any mods it included. The fact the 'Vaginas for Everyone' mod wasn't originally intended to be in the next-gen update in the first place could also mean that its simply a standalone case of CD Projekt Red accidentally adding a mod it hadn't credited. Either way, we'll keep you updated should the studio make an official statement.

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