The Witcher: Blood Origin Creator Confirms There’s No Multiverse Version Of Geralt

The Witcher: Blood Origin Creator Confirms There’s No Multiverse Version Of Geralt

A lot of questions have been asked about Netflix's The Witcher in the past few months. For instance, why did Henry Cavill leave the show? How will the show introduce Liam Hemsworth? And why did they think Blood Origin was a good idea? While there are a few theories about Cavill's departure, nothing has been confirmed by any of the involved parties. However, we now know something about Hemsworth's introduction.

The Witcher: Blood Origin unfortunately got just about the same reception a Witcher gets upon strolling into a town, but it did lay the groundwork for the universe by portraying the Conjunction of Spheres and the creation of the first prototype Witcher. This is especially helpful to those who haven't read the books or played the games. However, while it cemented the lore of the Netflix Witcher multiverse, the mini-series' version of the Conjunction of Spheres did raise a few questions.

The biggest one being that if Avallac'h can travel across space and time, would he – or anyone else – come across variants of themselves like in the Loki TV show. According to showrunner Declan de Barra, the answer is no.

"There are no different versions," he said in an interview with GamesRadar. "They're the same characters, but the worlds that they travel between are very different, and they exist on different time planes in some cases. There's a lot of world jumping, but they're the same characters jumping between those worlds.

"They may have changed in terms of their character arc and how long they've lived and what they're doing on these other worlds, but it's the same person. It’s not like there are two versions of Jaskier. It’s straight up that there’s one version of Yennefer, one version of everybody."

So, according to de Barra, there can't be two versions of Geralt running around at a particular point in time if one happened to come visiting from another dimension. This mostly rules out the theory that Hemsworth will be introduced as a multiverse version of Geralt and would replace Cavill in that way. We do know that the show will address Geralt's change in look, but it seems that it won't be in this way.

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