The Witcher’s Hybrid Dice Kickstarter Campaign More Than Triples Its Goal

The Witcher’s Hybrid Dice Kickstarter Campaign More Than Triples Its Goal

CD Projekt Red launched a Kickstarter campaign for a Witcher-themed dice set that will come “in a variety of shapes and colors,” perfect for a DnD campaign, The Witcher board game, or just a fancy run of Monopoly. With 21 days still left to go, it has reached £140,783 of its £43,522 goal. That’s with 2,051 backers.

This is a collaboration with Q Workshop and, as with any Kickstarter campaign, each pledge brings its own reward. For €24 or more, you can get the plastic base dice set, while €27+ gets you the essential RPG set which is 2xD10 and 4xD6. €29 nets you D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00. €66 gets you a metal dice set with 5xD6, while €75 or more brings with it a metal set of 2xD10 and 4xD6.

€83+ pledged will bring a metal set of D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D00 to your front door. €349 or more and you’ll find yourself a wooden dice tray, and two metal dice poker sets. The tray is an openable chest that can be used to store the dice.

“The Witcher universe has always been a potent fuel for the fire of our imagination,” the campaign opened, “Although we made special dice for The Witcher games a long time ago, we always dreamt of coming back to this world and creating a full set. That’s why we grasped the chance of creating The Witcher dice without hesitation.”

There are a few different themes showcased on the page, these being Golem’s Heart, Wolfsbane, Albedo, Vermilion, Hydragenum, Rubedo, Bloodmoss, and Nigredo. There is also a slew of Kickstarter add-ons like the dice cup, pouch, wallet, book, playing mat, tray, and inserts, with the option for artificial leather. Given that the campaign was funded in only 67 minutes, it’ll no doubt hit subsequent goals.

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