This Mod Replaces Mr. X With Dr Disrespect And It’s Even More Terrifying Than It Sounds

This Mod Replaces Mr. X With Dr Disrespect And It’s Even More Terrifying Than It Sounds

A new  Resident Evil 2 mod replaces the T-00 foe with Dr Disrespect himself, complete with music and audio from the Twitch streamer. T-00, better known as Mr. X to fans of the series, is one of the most terrifying villains to ever appear in the Resident Evil games.

The hulking figure was one of multiple T-103 bio-organic clones that was genetically modified for combat. Mr. X is tasked with eliminating any survivors in Raccoon City’s Police Department, as well as acquiring a “G-Virus” sample and returning it to the antagonistic Umbrella Corporation.

Hilariously, Dr Disrespect works perfectly as a replacement for Mr. X, as proven by those who have tried the modification out.

Considering that Dr Disrespect is 6′ 8″, his appearance in the survival horror game is strangely fitting. Letmelive – Gaming is the original creator of the mod and she did a fantastic job with making the ominous model of the Twitch streamer, which is sure to strike fear in the hearts on any who download it.

Part of the reason why it works so dang is due to the sound effects that come along with The Doc. When he busts into the room to pursue Claire and Sherry, his iconic “It’s Dr Disrespect” voice line queues and the ever-popular “Gillette” theme song starts up immediately afterwards.

The result is something both equally hilarious and terrifying. All of The Doc’s voice lines are taken from his most popular stream clips, such as “Raul” and “Wake up!” Streamers have tried the mod out and seem to be simultaneously scared and entertained.

When Dr Disrespect isn’t spooking the living daylights out of streamers in-game, he seems to be plenty busy trolling his colleagues on Twitter as of late. When it was revealed that Ninja and his crew were some of the most talked about gamers on Twitter, he took the opportunity to tease them about their constant retweeting.

Either way, if being absolutely terrorized by The Doc in Resident Evil 2 interests you, check out the mod and experience the horror for yourself.

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