This Week In Dota 2 (4/5-4/11)

This Week In Dota 2 (4/5-4/11)

In a move meant to consolidate the number of competitive events into a more streamlined process, the Dota Professional League (DPL) and the Chinese Dota 2 Professional Association (CDA) have joined to create the DPL-CDA in China. Following the spread and ongoing concerns relating to Covid-19, the move will help replace the many esports events that have been cancelled for the coming months and replace them with online league matches.

The new league will formally begin following the end of the CDS league season, which is set to conclude on April 19, while the DPL has already seen its activities cancelled.

While DOTA 2 remains popular worldwide, Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made a big splash, and Nintendo users are showing their love for the popular MOBA in style. Reddit user u/kakungun shows off the classic Dota map inside of Animal Crossing using the location editor. From afar the map looks exactly as one would expect, with the finer details obviously absent due to the size differences in game.

Finally, players can show off their love for DOTA 2 with great looking custom designs of professional team jerseys, featuring designs from Secret, Alliance, VP, OG, and Nigma. Readers can click here to check out the codes needed to represent their favorite team while inside Animal Crossing!

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