This Week In Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Sequel, Real Life Gym, And More

This Week In Pokemon: Detective Pikachu Sequel, Real Life Gym, And More

We might not have any Scarlet & Violet updates for you this week, but that doesn’t mean it's been quiet in the world of Pokemon. From a real-life gym to an unexpected new super-fan, we have plenty of news to cover.

However, we open on some of the most exciting news we’ve seen in a while – an update on Detective Pikachu.

A Detective Pikachu Sequel Is Apparently Still "In Active Development"

Detective Pikachu was a hit when it premiered in 2019, serving as yet another reminder that the days of dodgy video game movies are long behind us. So it’s wild to think that we still don’t have a sequel to speak of, with nothing ever officially announced. However, according to comments made earlier this week, a second Detective Pikachu movie is indeed in the works. This news comes from Legendary Entertainment, the production company behind the first film. The Pokemon Company declined to comment, but that might just mean that it’s not yet ready to unveil anything officially.

Pokemon TCG Online's Final Expansion Will Be Crown Zenith Ahead Of Switch To TCG Live

Pokemon TCG Online has received its final update, the Crown Zenith expansion. This comes as the developers hope to move everyone over to TCG Live instead, now that its live beta has rolled out globally. According to this latest development, all code cards from Pokemon Scarlet & Violet will only be available in TCG Live, truly leaving Online behind. The good news is that this should free up resources to work on Live, hopefully addressing any issues that players run into.

YouTuber Opens Real-Life Pokemon Gym In New York City

We all thought Pokemon Go would let us live the dream of being a Pokemon master, but it just wasn’t the same. Gathering around a corner shop that just happened to be a gym didn’t come with the same glory. But now, one incredibly dedicated fan has done something about it. YouTuber and former Pokemon champion Wolfey “WolfeyVGC” Glick opened a Water-type gym in New York, letting aspiring Pokemon masters take him on for the chance to earn a badge. It was only open for a day, but it’s easy to see why. Anyone who made it far enough to battle Wolfey got a badge, and anyone who beat him got a special golden edition instead. They would even bag a $350 pair of shoes – probably the most generous Pokemon gym out there.

Uri Geller Says He's A "Huge Pokemon Fan" After Allowing Kadabra Cards To Be Printed Again

Last week, we covered the exciting news that Kadabra cards are back, following an official endorsement from magician Uri Geller. This, of course, came after Geller blocked the cards for years, not appreciating the fact that the Pokemon was a very obvious nod to him and his work. However, he has now completely changed his tune, proclaiming to be a “huge Pokemon fan”. This means that now rather than hide from the Kadabra card, he’s actually collecting some himself, and is looking forward to the new prints.

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