Three New Free Beat Saber Songs Arrive In New Update From Cametek

Three New Free Beat Saber Songs Arrive In New Update From Cametek

Time to clear your play space; three new free Beat Saber songs just arrived in the latest update.

Each of the free Beat Saber songs is from Japanese artist, Cametek. They include Exit This Earth’s Atomosphere, GHOST and Light It Up.

Beat Games teased the new track’s release on Twitter for their omnipresent VR hit earlier this week. At the time they confirmed one track would boast an insane average of 8.7(ish) notes per second. We don’t know which of these tracks is the one to hit that milestone.


The new update with 3 new free tracks by one & only @cametek just landed on Steam, PlayStation Store & Oculus Store!

We’re releasing:
> Exit This Earth’s Atomosphere
> Light It Up

*Friendly reminder: You should stretch before downloading this update.

— Beat Saber (@BeatSaber) January 29, 2020

8.7 notes per second is an insanely high average, so we wouldn’t expect this new track to be a breeze on higher difficulties, that’s for sure. No doubt someone will have mastered it within the next few hours, though.

Some users on Twitter originally speculated the track could be a new one from Camellia, a producer of electronic vocaloid music. Beat Games dropped three Camellia tracks mid-last year, which were available for free. Those tracks are on the higher end of the difficulty scale, which is why some people have taken the 8.7 notes per second average as a sign more of Camellia was on the way. Personally, we’re excited to see someone new join the fold.

One Twitter user even replied to the tweet to point out that one of Camellia’s previous Beat Saber tracks, Cycle Hit, only had an average of 6.3 notes per second, which garnered an evil laughing Mr Burns gif response from Beat Games.

The Cametek update is available now across PSVR, Oculus platforms and SteamVR. The last drop of new content for Beat Saber was the Green Day Music Pack back in December, which we rather enjoyed.

Will you be downloading the free Beat Saber songs? Let us know in the comments below.

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