Torbjorn and Bastion Return To Overwatch 2 Next Week

Torbjorn and Bastion Return To Overwatch 2 Next Week

Overwatch 2 had a bit of a rough launch. Technical issues players could deal with, but what really set them off were a pair of glitches that made both Bastion and Torbjorn a touch overpowered. For Bastion, a glitch let it fire way more than three artillery shells whenever it used its ultimate ability, and Torbjorn's Overload ability was lasting twice as long as intended. Both were disabled last week, although Torbjorn was still playable in Quick Play for folks to get a sense of what a rampaging dwarf would look like.

Blizzard has had them both back in its "workshop" for a while, making some players wonder just when (or even if) they’d be back. Our response came yesterday from Overwatch chief Jon Spector, who confirmed that Bastion and Torbjorn will return to Overwatch 2 on October 25.

"Good news, everyone. Bastion and Torbjorn have been located in Junkertown, and we are arranging for them to rejoin the other agents of Overwatch on 10/25," wrote Spector. The Blizzard forums confirmed Junkertown is being removed from rotation due to "a bug that was causing graphic performance issues."

Of course, we might soon see Sombra retired from Overwatch 2 for a short period thanks to her newfound ability to teleport inside the payload. We’ll be sure to keep an eye on her activity to see if that’s a bug that can be fixed without a time-out.

More good news for Overwatch 2 comes in the form of Kiriko, the newest hero to join the Overwatch roster, and a support that's apparently loads of fun to play. Kiriko is now available to play in Overwatch 2's competitive mode after her Blizzard-mandated preview period, meaning anyone who's either bought the battle pass or grinded 50 hours into the free battle pass will be able to support their teams with a little girl that can summon a spirit fox.

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