Twitch Chat Beats All Five Wii Sports Modes

Twitch Chat Beats All Five Wii Sports Modes

People have come together on Twitch various times in an attempt to play and complete games together using nothing but commands input via the platform's chat. Challenging regardless of the game, but perhaps none more so than the recent successful attempt to beat all five Wii Sports modes.

GappyV is the one who took on the seemingly impossible challenge (thanks, Nintendo Life). Yes, on the surface beating all of the sports you can play in the iconic Wii Sports sounds easy. When you're relying on 50 people to beat them via nothing more than typing commands into the channel's chat, with some significant delays thrown in, then that somewhat easy task becomes so much harder.

GappyV wrote and implemented code that would turn Twitch Chat messages into in-game commands. The streamer only needed to create serve and hit commands for tennis, so thinking that would be the easiest one, that's where the challenge began. However, the number of people typing commands at the same time combined with the slight delay proved the first, and supposedly most straightforward, challenge was a lot more difficult than GappyV thought it would be.

Eventually, GappyV's players got the hang of it, won a single game of tennis, and moved on to baseball. While the pitching was a synch, the hefty delay when it came to the batting once again posed a challenge. Again, the 50 viewers eventually overcame, moved onto and beat the bowling, then the golf (which wound up being the easiest sport of all), and finally boxing. That final sport was absolute chaos, as you can imagine.

Wii Sports can now be added to the growing list of games that have been beaten by a bunch of people inputting commands on Twitch. Also on that list is Pokemon Crystal, which surprisingly took just 36 hours, and Breath Of The Wild, a game that took Twitch Chat multiple attempts to beat. As for GappyV, the streamer has already moved on to their next Twitch Chat project. Getting their followers to beat Trauma Center.

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