Two Point Campus: How To Increase Student Happiness

Two Point Campus: How To Increase Student Happiness

Two Point Campus is a university campus management sim, part of a series of uniquely whimsical and entertaining management simulator games from Two Point Studios. Maintaining a college campus is no easy feat, and a measure of your success is how happy the people paying to be there are.

Student happiness is measured via a balance of whether they have basic needs met, can study well, and live an enjoyable life otherwise. The game frames the best approach to this as having three aspects: Educate. Nurture. Expand. It also measures this via several types of meter, from their needs, to lifestyle, to grades, and so on, all inputting into their happiness.

Get A Clear View Of Student Needs

To gather what your students are being held back by you can activate two different types of view that give insight into who is struggling and how.

The most direct version of this is management mode, which provides a bird's eye view of campus and can focus on all of those with unmet needs. If you find a person here who is at risk you can access their details and see what is affecting them.

Another type of view focuses on the individual categories of need. Selected from the bottom left menu, you can add a filter to your inspector based on a need like food or bathroom comfort, which will then highlight in green through to red everybody's current feeling, and facilities that you have placed to accommodate that category.

Student's Essential Needs

While every student is different, there are some things that everybody will need, which are recorded in the game as:

NeedUseful Items
EnergyBed, Power-Nap Club Stand
HealthinessVeggie Kiosk, Smoothie Kiosk
FoodRefrigerator, Vending Machines, Kiosks
DrinkWater Cooler, Vending Machines, Kiosks
Toilet ComfortToilets
HygieneShower, Hand Sanitizer, Sinks
EntertainmentClown Trunk, Dartboard, Arcade Games

Make sure you have enough of everything that accommodates these needs and prioritizes them, after all, it's hard to enjoy class if you don't have a bed to sleep in or a shower to use.

One bed will accommodate five students, just don't ask how.

Environmental Effects On Happiness

Another important aspect is the environment, since the buildings, rooms, and exteriors of the campus have an important effect on the happiness of your students.

Their impression of a room's attractiveness depends on the amount of attractive items in the room. Consider adding more windows, plants, posters, and basically any aesthetic object to add to this.

A room's prestige depends on the combination of its aesthetic quality and facilities. This rating can be seen on the inspector panel for the room, and adding items to rooms generally improves their prestige. A room needs to contain enough items relevant to its purpose, and match the student's general impression of the rest of the facilities. If you are running a high level campus, people are likely to be put off by a room with a low prestige.

The environmental dynamic evolves throughout the game. For instance, in Mitton University, you will get to a point where a room and building's temperature comfort is important, and you will eventually need to add radiators to every room and corridor to prevent people's temperature comfort from decreasing. You might also add too many radiators and overheat people, so finding the right balance is important.

How To Maintain The Student Lifestyle

Facilitating the ability for students to make friendships, relationships and have fun outside of class is also important. The addition of rooms like the Student Lounge and Student Union will raise the potential for this, as well as including seating areas around campus.

Once you unlock the ability for students to attend clubs many will want this, and so including the recruitment stands for the clubs and hiring assistants to cover them is a good way to raise general happiness, alongside meeting other useful needs.

Helping With Student's Personal Goals

Another aspect of their lifestyle is each student's personal goals. They will generally get along with these themselves, unless your campus doesn't have the precise thing they need, then you will get a message in your inbox.

While this may be restricted to one or two students trying to facilitate romance, personal goal requests have the possibility of being agreed with by multiple people. If adding in the equipment raises multiple people's impression of the campus accepting the request would be a way to raise general happiness.

Staff Happiness

If you are still struggling with your happiness scores consider that students rely on the staff at the campus to teach, assist and maintain the facilities.

If any of them are overworked they will be unable to provide a satisfying experience to students, and so make sure you have enough people on hand, as well as providing them with staff rooms to rest, and prestigious facilities of their own.

A raise goes a long way towards improving worker experience and the quality of their work too, the controls of which you can find in the campus overview screen.

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