Uncharted 5 hinted at again by Naughty Dog as they admit ‘never say never’

Uncharted 5 hinted at again by Naughty Dog as they admit ‘never say never’

Naughty Dog has given the strongest hint yet that they might return to the Uncharted series and the ‘world we want to see more of’.

There’re two things you can almost always guarantee about video game movies: 1) they’ll be awful and 2) there’ll be absolutely no synergy with any kind of new video game release.

The movie versions of Tomb Raider and Assassin’s Creed, to name but two, managed to come out at almost the only time a new game wasn’t scheduled and, similarly, while the Uncharted movie is out next week the franchise has been on hiatus since 2017 (although there is the remaster of Uncharted 4 this week).

For a long while developer Naughty Dog seemed happy to imply they were done with the series, with Days Gone developer Sony Bend instead linked to the franchise, but more recently their position has mellowed and they’ve once again hinted at returning.

‘I think we can say for certain that we can never say never’, creative director Shaun Escayg told GamesRadar. ‘Uncharted is a franchise we love – that the studio loves. I love, and Kurt [The Lost Legacy director Kurt Margenau] loves. It’s a world we want to see more of. So I can certainly say that’.

That’s the most positive anyone from Naughty Dog has been so far, although back in August co-president Neil Druckmann also vaguely hinted at coming back to the franchise.

What Naughty Dog’s next big project is remains a mystery, as it’s assumed that the long rumoured, but never officially announced, The Last Of Us multiplayer game is a relatively small release.

There’s also a rumoured The Last Of Us remake on the way but in terms of Naughty Dog’s next major single-player release there’s no real clue, other than in 2020 Druckmann said it was most likely to be either The Last Of Us Part 3 or a new IP.

The Last Of Us Part 3 is looking less likely now, after the reveal last year that it is not currently in development, which means that a new Uncharted may have moved up Naughty Dog’s priority list.

If you got to the end of Uncharted 4 it’s pretty obvious who the new protagonist might be, but whether that’s the direction that Naughty Dog takes remains to be seen.

However, if the movie happens to be a big success (which would be unusual for a video game movie) you’re almost certain to hear about a new game sooner rather than later.

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