Upcoming Oculus Quest Games We Can't Wait To Play In 2020

Upcoming Oculus Quest Games We Can't Wait To Play In 2020

We’re officially in 2020 and there are plenty of upcoming Oculus Quest games to be excited about.

2019 was an amazing year Facebook’s incredibly popular standalone VR headset. Some fantastic original games were propped up with a slew of ports from other headsets. That trend looks to continue in 2020, with some of VR’s best games still to arrive on the platform and some brand new titles on the way too. This is what you’ll need on your shopping list heading into this year.

Some of these games you can already pre-order on the Oculus Store, and others will be coming a little later in the year.

Upcoming Oculus Quest Games In 2020

Boneworks Spin-Off – TBA

Stress Level Zero’s Boneworks saw off 2019 in style for PC VR headsets. The game’s fantastic physics system and sandbox combat made it a hit with Rift, Vive and Index owners. But we also know a new game set in the same universe is on the way to Quest. We’ll be incredibly interested to see just how much of Boneworks’ hardware-intensive rules can survive that transition, and how the team expands its fledgling universe. This is easily one of our most anticipated upcoming Oculus Quest games for 2020.

Eclipse: Edge Of Light – Early 2020

Now that Google’s Daydream platform is basically done and dusted, we can confidently crown Eclipse: Edge Of Light as the best game to ever grace its store. Thankfully, developer White Elk is finally bringing the experience to other platforms in 2020. Eclipse is a moody, atmospheric piece of sci-fi exploration, with smooth controls, fascinating sites and an earnest sense of discovery. We can’t wait to dive back into it on more advanced headsets.

Down The Rabbit Hole – Early 2020

Down The Rabbit Hole’s hotpot mix of different storytelling styles and gameplay elements promises one of the most experimental VR experiences of the year. Set in the world of Wonderland (though, notably, not starring Alice herself), you play as a young girl that makes her way through a series of scenes, solving puzzles and meeting crazy characters. The game mixes third and first-person sections with curious invention.

Ghost Giant – January

Originally set to release last December, one of our favorite PSVR games of 2019 is taking just a little longer to reach Quest. Ghost Giant offers an endearing world to immerse yourself in and one of VR’s very best friendships. You embody the imaginary friend of a young boy, quickly forming a strong bond that sees you both through a grand adventure. But, for all its pleasantries, Ghost Giant hides a story with emotional heft and deft handling, making it an essential piece.

Echo VR – TBA

Echo VR is one of those games we might have assumed probably couldn’t work on Oculus Quest’s tracking tech. But Ready at Dawn Studios is ready to prove us wrong, even if this anticipated port was delayed out of 2019. Echo VR is the online portion of the studio’s excellent Lone Echo series, taking place in zero-gravity arenas in which you compete in Tron-style esports. It’s addictive, active and will hopefully find a great home on the platform.

Onward – TBA

The shooter sim that emerged as one of VR’s first true success stories should find a fitting home on Quest this year. Onward was one of the first games for headsets to offer a compelling multiplayer shooter experience and has since only grown with constant updates from developer Downpour Interactive. Playing this one without the tether tugging at our heads should make for a much more immersive experience.

Population One – TBA

Population One has taken a little longer to get out the gate than we were expecting, but we’re still hopeful for a full release in 2020. This is perhaps the most promising attempt yet at mashing VR with the battle royale genre and, even though the craze surrounding the last man standing style of play has subsided a little, Population One could well reinvigorate it for headsets. The game promises liberating traversal and, of course, plenty of ‘splosions.

Phantom: Covert Ops – TBA

Phantom’s premise might seem initially ridiculous but the game actually offers a very considered, thoughtful take on VR stealth. You infiltrate enemy bases by water, wading through rivers in a kayak. The seat-based gameplay, paired with paddling traversal, make for incredibly immersive sneaking, though questions remain over the kind of mission variety and enemy AI to hold the experience up.

Spaceteam VR – TBA

There haven’t been many VR party games that have surpassed the strained collaborative brilliance of Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes, but Spaceteam VR could certainly measure up to the task. Based upon the mobile classic, the game has you teaming up with up to four friends to repair your ship as you venture through the galaxy. You’ll need to listen out for orders from your teammates and issue commands to them too, all while trying to put out fires. It’s safe to say there’s a lot of shouting involved.

The Room VR: A Dark Matter – Early 2020

Fireproof Games’ The Room series made a name for itself on mobile devices by creating puzzles that truly consider the nature of the platform. Innovative interactions make The Room one of the most popular series for phones and tablets. We’re hoping Fireproof brings that same level of invention to the series’ VR debut, which offers a full story with detailed environments and puzzles on a scale the series hasn’t yet seen.

Snow Drift – TBA

Very little is actually known about Snow Drift, save for some glimpses we saw at Oculus Connect 6. The game seems to be promising a chilly survival-based adventure in which you find yourself against nature in frozen wastes. Developer Perilous Orbit is best known for its work on Sports Bar VR, so we’ll be interested to see how the team adapts to an all-new genre.

Doctor Who: The Edge Of Time – January 23

Maze Theory’s fun-filled adventure is on its way to Oculus Quest a little later this month. The Edge Of Time is a little like an extended episode of a Doctor Who show, taking you on a tour of time and space as a companion to Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor. Iconic enemies can be found around every corner along with an assortment of puzzles and other problems. For fans of the show, this isn’t one to miss.

Audica – TBA

Harmonix’s likable rhythm action game has found solid footing on PC and PSVR, but in 2020 the game will finally make the jump to Quest. Audica is basically Beat Saber with blasters, and much closer in tone to BS than, say, Pistol Whip. With new tracks arriving and the developers offering fun tie-ins to other games, Audica should offer some polished fun on Quest.

Solaris: Offworld Combat – TBA

First Contact Entertainment made a name for itself with 2018’s seminal online shooter, Firewall: Zero Hour. That game offered a mix of arcade action with tactical realism, going on to become one of PSVR’s best titles. For its next title, First Contact is leaning into the arena shooter genre with a fast-paced action game. We’re still yet to see a lot of Solaris, but what we know about it really excites us, making it one of our most anticipated upcoming Oculus Quest games.

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul – TBA

No one does cheap scares better than the Paranormal Activity series and that’s especially true of The Lost Soul, a VR experience so unconcerned with player’s heart health it might well be a murderer. Think jump scares, loud bangs and big screams with a supernatural twist and you’re on the money. It’ll be an ideal addition to the library of any horror VR fan.

Five Nights At Freddy’s VR – TBA

Speaking of scares, Five Nights At Freddy’s is also on the way to Quest at some point this year. The VR adaptation of the infamous collection of games — which features content both old and new — originally hit PSVR and PC VR last year. No word yet on if the Halloween DLC for the game will also come to the Quest version, but fingers crossed.

The Walking Dead: Saints And Sinners – Q3 2020

Zombie shooters are a dime a dozen on VR platforms, but The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners is hoping to stand out with a sharp level of polish and focus on storytelling. Set in the ruins of New Orleans, you take the fight to hordes of gory walkers, managing inventory supplies and securing stealth kills as you go. Archangel developer Skydance Interactive has been working on this for a while, so we have high expectations.

What are your most anticipated upcoming Oculus Quest games? Let us know in the comments below.

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