V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Mairwyn The Elementalist

V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Mairwyn The Elementalist

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One of the most dangerous zones in V Rising is the Silverlight Hills. Under complete control of the Church of Luminance, the Hills are swarming with dangerous high level enemies, and many a vampire has met their demise at the hands of the Devoted. Mairwyn the Elementalist remains decidedly unattached from the day-to-day goings-on however, and prefers to stay in her sacred grove, protecting it against all who dare enter.

This guide will show you where to find Mairwyn the Elementalist on the map, how to counter her moves and abilities, and what rewards you can gain from defeating her in battle.

Mairwyn The Elementalist's Location

Mairwyn The Elementalist can be found protecting the Emberleaf Grove, in the Southeastern section of the Silverlight Hills region.

The Silverlight Hills Waygate is your closest teleport, but you will still have to travel South, through some dangerous areas and fighting multiple enemies in order to reach your destination.

Thankfully, the Grove itself is relatively peaceful, with no other enemies apart from Mairwyn, so you have some time to prepare beforehand.

The area has two entrances, and it will not particularly matter which you decide upon taking. Mairwyn has a very low aggro range, so you can almost walk right up to her before she will become hostile towards you.

Due to Mairwyn The Elementalist's set location, using your Blood Altar to track her down is not necessary

Battle Strategy

Mairwyn The Elementalist unleashes some powerful magical attacks against you, and can output some high damage if you are not prepared. She will primarily use ranged attacks, so being in melee can make it difficult to dodge the projectiles.

Staying at a safe range will give you plenty of time to avoid the spells, and allow you to deal damage in return without worrying as much about your positioning.

Crystal Lance Frost SpellMairwyn's first ability is a Crystal Lance Frost spell that fires a strong bolt of ice towards you, chilling you if struck. If she follows it up with another landing attack, you will become frozen in place.

There is a long cast time for this, so keep strafing to the side, and you should be fine. Upon dipping under 75 percent health, this attack will change into a triple shot spell that fires three bolts in a spread frontal cone.

Flaming WheelMairwyn's next spell is to summon a Flaming Wheel of fiery bolts. These will spray outwards in a massive swirl, engulfing the entire room. The Wheel will then begin to rotate, changing the angle of the projectiles.

To avoid the majority, make sure you travel in the direction that the wheel spins. The bolts are positioned very closely together, and it will be tricky to dodge in between them, so try to stay within the safe zones.

Keeping Mairwyn positioned centrally will help with this ability, as it gives you the maximum amount of room on all sides.

Chaos OrbsThe Elementalist's third spell is to summon small Chaos Orbs that appear near you and fly towards you with great speed.

If you are hit by one, you will be stunned, which is extremely detrimental to you dodging any of her other spells. As soon as you see the orb appear, run in a direction or burn your Travel Ability.

Upon reaching 50 percent health, Mairwyn will spawn three orbs every cast instead of one. The same strategy of running away still applies — it's not worth trying to individually dodge all the orbs, especially with other mechanics going on.

LevitateMairwyn will occasionally perform a Levitate spell that lifts you into the air and moves you backwards a small distance.

This renders you unable to perform any action, but deals no damage. There is no real counter play to this, as the hitbox is massive, but it should not lead to you being hit by a spell, and is currently a fairly redundant mechanic.

IllusionTo add to her growing list of spells, Mairwyn will sometimes create an Illusion that perfectly mimics her abilities and effectively doubles her damage.

The Illusion has low health, so try to figure out where it is, and burst it down fast before the boss can cast any big spell. You can tell which is the fake by the amount of damage your attack will deal to it.

Ultimate AbilityMairwyn's Ultimate ability is a combination of an Ice Block and Flame Sphere.

The Ice Block will render her invulnerable, but unable to perform any other action. The Flame Sphere will summon a massive Fire Orb, that slowly moves and shoots homing fire bolts towards you.

The key with this combo is to position the boss between you and the orb, meaning she will soak the fire projectiles and keep you safe. You will probably not be able to break her out of her Ice Block early, but your only focus in this phase is survival.

This fight can be pretty hectic, but as long as you stay at medium range and focus on dodging, you should be able to wear Mairwyn down. No spell is so individually powerful enough to kill you, but some combinations can be tricky, so don't be afraid to dash away to a far distance if you need a few seconds to recover.

For your set-up, try running the combo of Sanguine Coil and Chaos Volley, which will let you shorten the fight and nuke down the Illusion, as well as keeping you healthy should you be clipped by a projectile.

Crimson Beam is a good Ultimate, as the extra healing is always useful, so try to get some high quality Scholar Blood for even greater spell leech. A Dark Silver Reaper and Dawnthorn Regalia are your best gear options.

Mairwyn The Elementalist's Rewards

Upon draining Mairwyn The Elementalist of her V Blood, you will obtain two rewards.

Crystal Lance Vampire Power

The first is the Crystal Lance Vampire Power, a high damage Frost spell that mimics the one used by Mairwyn during your fight. Hitting an enemy will inflict Chill, and hitting a Chilled enemy with a basic attack will Freeze them for four seconds.

The Lance will shatter upon impact and launch a wave of low damage projectiles outwards from the point of impact. Although enemy players will have a reduced Chill effect, the spell's damage makes it an appealing option, especially against targets that you benefit from kiting. Combining Crystal Lance with another Frost Spell will make it easier to proc the Freezes, and you can easily set up an effective crowd control combination.

Imperial Thread Recipe

Your second reward will be the Imperial Thread recipe, required to craft the game's strongest armor: the Bloodmoon set.

Due to this, Mairwyn becomes a mandatory boss if you are seeking to fully upgrade your character's gear, as the power increase will serve you well versus the toughest late game opponents.

Imperial Thread can be crafted at your Loom, using the following materials:

  • 12 Snow Flowers
  • 12 Sunflowers
  • Eight Wool Thread

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