Valheim: Every Type Of Arrow And How To Get Them

Valheim: Every Type Of Arrow And How To Get Them

One of the best parts of any game that focuses on combat is the wide array of weapons you have at your disposal to fight off enemies and bosses. In Valheim, the weapons you’ll need to craft can make the difference between life and death. Each available weapon deals a specific type of damage (pierce damage, blunt damage, elemental damage, etc.), has block power and some of them even have a secondary attack.

Besides melee, bows are the other type of weapon you’ll encounter in the game. These ones need to be equipped with arrows in order to deal pierce damage. There are four different arrows you can craft in Valheim and ten arrows you can use as ammo. Here’s how you’ll obtain them and the difference between each one.

Things To Know Before Using A Bow And Arrow

Bows behave differently from swords or other melee weapons. This item will need you to have available arrows in order to work. Moreover, bows work at a range, so you don’t need to get that close to your enemies, and they are especially strong against enemies who are weak to pierce damage.

Most weapons decrease your movement speed, and bows are not an exception; they take away around 5% of your movement speed.

Another stat you should look for when deciding which bow or arrow to use is Knockback; this stat indicates how far an enemy will be knocked back when you attack them with that weapon.

Finally, like most things in Valheim, you’ll have to craft your arrows before you can use them, each arrow type needs different ingredients, and one batch gives you 20 arrows.

Types of Arrows

Basic Arrows

Needle Arrow

This one is a super-effective arrow that will deal 62 pierce damage to your enemies with a 15 knockback. The catch? One of the resources you’ll need to craft this arrow is a needle, an item that drops when you kill a Deathsquito (a flying creature that can instantly kill you with just one or two blows).

After you figure out the best way to kill Deathsquitos, just head over to the workbench, where you’ll be able to craft these arrows using x4 needles and x2 feathers.

Wood Arrow

These will be the first type of arrow you’ll see in the game; they deal 22 pierce damage, have a 10 knockback, and limits your speed by -5%. This arrow is made of sharpened wood, so you’ll need x8 wood in order to craft them in the workbench.

Ironhead Arrow

You’ll unlock this arrow after finding iron; alternatively, you can find these arrows in the Sunken Crypts that are in the Swamp biome. Ironhead arrows deal 42 pierce damage, have a 10 knockback, and are crafted in the forge using x8 wood, x1 iron, and x2 feathers.

Obsidian Arrow

This type of arrow requires obsidian, so you can only craft them after you’ve unlocked the Mountain biome and you have an iron pickaxe with you. After you have the obsidian, just head over to the workbench, where you can craft obsidian arrows using x8 wood, x4 obsidian, and x2 feathers.

Once you’ve crafted the arrows, they’ll deal 52 pierce damage with a 10 knockback.

Flinthead Arrow

These ones are the upgrade from wood arrows; these ones deal 27 pierce damage and have a knockback of 10. You can craft them at the workbench using x8 wood, x2 flint, and x2 feathers.

Bronzehead Arrow

These ones are the flinthead arrow’s evolution; these arrows are sharper and deal 32 pierce damage with a 10 knockback. You can craft these arrows in the forge after you discovered bronze; you’ll need x8 wood, x1 bronze, and x2 feathers.

Special Arrows

Fire arrow

This arrow is very special because it deals both pierce (11) and fire (22) damage and has a 10 knockback. You can make this one in the workbench using x8 wood, x8 resin, and x2 feathers.

Poison arrow

If you’re lucky, you’ll come across poison arrows inside the chests that are in the Sunken Crypts located in the Swamp biome. If not, you’ll have to craft them, and these arrows require two ingredients that are a little harder to get.

To craft poison arrows, you’ll need x8 wood, x2 feathers, and here comes the tricky part, x2 ooze, and x4 obsidian. Obsidian is found in the Mountain biome in large deposits; you’ll need an iron pickaxe to get the job done. The challenge here is to not die due to the mountain’s freezing weather.

Now to get ooze, you’ll need to kill Blobs; these slime-like monsters live in the Swamp biome and can poison you, so dealing with them is difficult. Nevertheless, once you have all the ingredients, you can head over to the workbench, where you’ll craft powerful arrows that can deal 52 poison damage, 26 pierce damage, and have a 10 knockback.

Frost arrow

This type of arrow will deal 52 frost damage, and 26 pierce damage, as well as a special slowing effect (which is super useful against smaller enemies). You can craft frost arrows using the workbench; all you’ll need is x8 wood, x4 obsidian, x2 feathers, and x1 freeze gland (which you can find by killing the drakes that are in the Mountain biome).

Alternatively, you can try and look for frost arrows in the chest you’ll find in the ruins located at the Mountain biomes.

Silver Arrow

In order to unlock this type of arrow, you’ll need to have a forge that’s level 3 and already discovered silver. These ones are ideal for dealing with spirits, as they will inflict 52 pierce damage and 20 spirit damage. You can craft these arrows in the forge using x8 wood, x1 silver, and x2 feather.

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