Valheim: How To Make A Chimney

Valheim: How To Make A Chimney

There are plenty of ways to meet an unfortunate end in Valheim, but hopefully filling your house with smoke isn’t on the radar. In Valheim, it’s important to keep a fire in your home as a source of comfort and warmth. An indoor heat source gives you a way to use beds and cook, escaping any bad weather outside.

Unfortunately, you can also take damage from placing a fire indoors, too. If you fill your new home with smoke, it’ll slowly kill your poor Viking for two damage per tick until they’re gone. Leaving the door open helps, but it’s not enough. In Valheim, you have to know how to build a fire indoors and use a chimney to let the smoke out.

How Do You Build a Chimney?

Don’t overcomplicate things, building a chimney is as easy as it sounds, but Valheim does have a few special requirements. It’s easiest to build your chimney first, then build the rest of the home around it. Remember, your beds need to be close enough to a heat source to receive the benefit. Making a large home, then placing the bed on the opposite corner of the house won’t do you any good.

So, start by placing your fire on the ground with no wooden floor tiles underneath it, we’ll build from there. Chimneys can be as tall as you want them to be, so if you’re building a wooden skyscraper, that’s fine. For this guide, I built a two-story home. Each floor was two wooden walls high, with an additional two wall pieces at the top of the chimney to make it stick out, so it was six wooden wall tiles high.

On the base level, leave the front of your fire open. You’ll need that space to access the flames. Here, you can drop tools for cooking and keep feeding the fire pieces of wood as fuel.

After that, begin building up your chimney as tall as you want it. You can also cover the space directly above your open tile slot if you find the smoke an eyesore. It doesn’t hurt anything. Chimneys can have more open spaces, but I always choose to keep things closed except for my one bottom opening for the look of the building, nothing more.

In this corner, you can see where the headboards of the beds touch the wall – that’s the chimney still. It’s covered, all the way up through to the top of the house, to prevent the smoke from being visible.

How Do You Keep Your Fire From Going Out?

In Valheim, a chimney can’t just be a big open hole at the top of your house. It needs to be built up, away from the base of the roof, so it can have an opening on the side and a covering on the top. Your chimney will need a roof. If you don’t have a roof over your chimney, the rain will end up putting your fire out.

In this photo, the chimney is built two tiles up from the roof of the house. There are two open sides for the smoke to come out. So, the top of the chimney ends up being: two regular wall tiles, one slanted wall tile, and the 45-degree roof piece. This design keeps the rain out, while allowing enough ventilation to prevent your character from getting smoked out.

And that’s it! Building a chimney is simple, and the rules aren’t very strict. It’s just important to remember you keep it covered at the top, with a place to access your fire at the bottom.

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