Valorant 2.09 patch notes revealed as Replication Mode arrives

Valorant 2.09 patch notes revealed as Replication Mode arrives

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Valorant 2.09 is releasing with a special new mode that should keep gamers on their toes.

Named Replication, the new mode tasks players on each team to play as the same Agent, with the selection decided during pre-match voting.

The good news is that this new experience will be available until May 25, meaning gamers have two weeks to perfect their chameleon skills.

The rules for the new mode includes using a Best-of-nine Spike mode with 80-second rounds, 45-second pistol round, and 30-second subsequent rounds.

As mentioned above, all players on the same team play as the same Agent, with abilities, minus ultimates, refreshed each round.

Agents will also Gain +1 ultimate points per round at the start of the round (except Overtime rounds, with a set amount of credits available each round regardless of win/loss.

Other rules as confirmed by Riot Games are as follows:

  • Weapon and shield are reset each round
  • Being flashed twice within a 4 second window grants FLASHGUARD to the player
  • FLASHGUARD: Cannot be blinded
  • Duration: 5 seconds


  • Same as unrated:
  • 100 xp per round played.
  • Additional 200 xp per round won.

Valorant: Riot Games introduces new map 'Breeze'

We also know that for the time that Replication is available to play in Valorant, it will be replacing Escalation.

But while the new Replication Mode is a big part of the Valorant 2.09 launch, it’s not the only change listed in the official patch notes.

Riot Games has also made a small Agent change, as well as a number of balancing tweaks that gamers will want to know about.

For Viper players, they should know that the instant decay inflicted when entering Viper’s smoke or crossing her wall has been reduced from 50 to 30.

Breeze is getting a few changes to make it a better gameplay experience, with different areas of the map offering blocked vision above Mid-Wood Doors and A Metal Doors.

There will also be better player collision in various locations, while a number of other bugs have also been squashed by the team.

Full patch notes will be released by the Riot Games team later today, including the full details on how Replication Mode works.

Gamers will also get the full rundown of bug fixes inside the official Valorant update notes, which are scheduled to be posted on the official website.

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