Valve release Steam Deck teardown video so others don’t have to

Valve release Steam Deck teardown video so others don’t have to

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If you want to see what the new portable, Switch-like PC from Valve looks like inside they’ve just posted a new promo for Steam Deck.

Considering the Steam Deck is meant to be out this year, albeit in limited numbers, Valve hasn’t been doing much to hype up its release, although perhaps that’s not necessary given how warmly received the Switch-shaped portable PC was by most gamers.

More details are always welcome though and the latest video is a teardown of the Steam Deck that shows its internal components.

Opening a new console to see how it ticks is the first thing many YouTubers do as soon as they get hold of one and Valve are hoping this video will remove that need, with the video starting with the text, ‘You shouldn’t do any of this.’

Apart from idle curiosity, the purpose of the video is to answer the question of whether the internal components can be replaced, like a regular PC.

Valve categorise the answer to that as ‘complicated’, as while technically most components can be replaced they’ve chosen all of them specifically for the job (and price) and they ‘aren’t really designed to be user-swappable’.

‘Opening up and replacing parts might mess things up, like profoundly’, warns the video.

The majority of future owners probably have little intention of replacing anything, because the whole point of the Steam Deck is that it plays all PC games at a relatively high setting straight out of the box.

Even so, the video shows the thumbstick being removed, and potentially replaced, so if you really want to change things up you can.

Steam Deck costs £349, only £40 more than the new Nintendo Switch OLED model, and will begin shipping in early December.

If you haven’t pre-ordered by now though you’ve basically got no chance of getting one this year and will have to wait until much later in 2022 to pick one up.

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