Very Exclusive Nike x PS5 Sneakers Will Also Be Available Digitally In NBA 2K21

Very Exclusive Nike x PS5 Sneakers Will Also Be Available Digitally In NBA 2K21

The Paul George PS5-inspired Nike sneakers hitting stores later this month will also be available as digital footwear in NBA 2K21.

If you think finding a PS5 is hard, wait until these Nike x PlayStation sneakers drop later this month. The footwear has been designed by NBA star Paul George and is inspired by the PS5’s iconic design. They will be available in select regions for a yet-to-be-announced price later this month.

Odds are not everyone who wants a pair will get one. However, PlayStation has a consolation in place. The sneakers are also coming to NBA 2K21 which means whether you land a pair of real-life PlayStation trainers or not, you will still be able to have your players wear them in-game. Even better, the sneakers will be available in NBA 2K21 more than a week before the real things go on sale.

George, PlayStation, and Nike have teamed up before to create unique and inspired footwear. In 2018, the three parties designed sneakers as an homage to the PS1. Slightly more colorful than the PS5 shoes since PlayStation’s original multi-colored logo played a big role in their design. The new PS5 sneakers are mostly white and blue, and also feature the same tiny PlayStation symbols that can be found on the DualSense.

The PS5’s early success – it has managed to outsell the PS4’s first four months despite shortages – suggests a lot of you will also want to dress like your new console. PlayStation has you covered in a number of ways on that front. Not only the Nike sneakers above, but also an entire line of PlayStation merch available through Numskull, including hoodies, caps, and even socks.

As for the sneakers, they will be available through the Nike SNKRS app and the Nike website from May 14, 2021. No word on how much they will cost or how many pairs will be available, but chances are they will cost a pretty penny and there likely won’t be many to go around. You might not want to leave a lengthy PS5 queue to try and get some if you are placed in a Sophie’s Choice-type situation on release day.

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