Vindication Board Game Getting Chronicles Expansion In Kickstarter Campaign

Vindication Board Game Getting Chronicles Expansion In Kickstarter Campaign

Pop culture creative agency Orange Nebula recently launched the Kickstarter campaign for the next release of its Vindication board game, this time including the all-new Chronicles Expansion, and a re-release of Vindication-related items that were previously sold out.

This Kickstarter launched on December 9 with a $62,500 goal. The project has funded successfully, with as of this writing over $310,500 and over 4,000 backers, and there are still 19 days remaining in the campaign. This marks the fourth Kickstarter for the board game, with the previous three introducing the core game and the Leaders & Alliances Expansion.

ICYMI, Vindication is a board game of high fantasy strategy and discovery, where you are set on a journey to vindicate yourself in a new life after having been thrown into the dark depths of an ocean, only to somehow wash ashore on a strange island. Revived by a helpful traveler, you set out to find vindication for a previous life wasted, and at having been given this second chance.

Your goal is to regain your lost honor before the end of the epoch, in the way that seems most fitting for your character. The methods available to you in your new life include allying with a group of companions for aid, discovering and developing new personal traits within yourself, searching for and using relics, acquiring pets, defeating monsters, or simply seeking your chance by the Well of Wishes.

The Chronicles Expansion increases the core Vindication gameplay by adding in Events, “monumental moments where something dramatic occurs on the island that affects everyone and changes the board state.” These global game-changers can impose effects into gameplay that last until for a set lengthy period, or until they are resolved by a player. These effects can be positive, such as giving your character a conviction-boosting aura, or providing a temporary discount on mount upgrades. Or they can be negative, by affecting your character’s attributes, or making a task more difficult to accomplish. Events help players immerse into a shared game experience, “producing a more dynamic environment that keeps even the most experienced players on their toes.”

The campaign offers the Chronicles Expansion solo at its own reward tier, in case you already own the core game. The Ultimate Bundle reward tier includes the core game Chronicles, and the previously-released Leaders & Alliances Expansion, along with exclusive miniatures, promo packs, and more bonus content. Check the Kickstarter page for all the details.

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