Viveport has the Purrrfect Exhibition for Cat Lovers

Viveport has the Purrrfect Exhibition for Cat Lovers

Currently, HTC Vive’s distribution platform Viveport is playing host (or one of the hosts) to Venice VR Expanded, the annual immersive selection of the Venice International Film Festival. If that’s not your thing then maybe Viveport’s next online exhibition will be, Step into CAT ART by iconic Japanese artist Shu Yamamoto.

Yamamoto has partnered with HTC Vive’s platform to bring his work into virtual reality (VR) for the first time, seeing his cat characters in static paintings to come to life. Step into CAT ART will feature virtual versions of all 124 pieces of Yamamoto’s The Hisstine Chapel murals as well as pieces such as Mewna Lisa and The Kitty with The Pearl Earring.

Viveport’s technical team helped Yamamoto re-design his paintings to have interactive elements, audio details and movement. Being on Viveport, numerous visitors are able to enter the same venue at the same time with the exhibition supporting multiple devices including mobile, PC, and VR headsets. Additionally, for the true cat aficionado, a cat Instagram filter will be released for iOS and Android devices, allowing cat owners to put their own kitties faces into the CAT ART.

“Viveport’s mission is to enrich people culturally in VR across art, games, and video, and in doing so continue to grow and expand the robust Vive Metaverse worldwide. It’s incredible seeing how immersion can completely change the way you experience a moment, whether that’s appreciating artwork, watching a story, or playing a game,” said Joseph Lin, President of Viveport in a statement. 

Keeping with current trends the exhibition will also feature its own NFT (Non-Fungible Token) store where you can purchase NFTs representing CAT ART pieces, supporting fiat, ETH and Matic payments.

“Our collaboration with Shu Yamamoto’s CAT ART is a fantastic example of combining art with VR and NFTs in a continued expansion of the Metaverse. We hope to convey the unique cat perspective envisioned by Shu Yamamoto through this exhibition, and ultimately provide visitors with a unique and immersive viewing and shopping experience,” Lin adds.

The Step into CAT ART online exhibition opens on 17th September 2021 until 31st March 2022. Tickets cost $7.99 USD / €6.99 EUR. The NFT store opens the same day. For further Viveport updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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