VR Cover Accessories For Oculus Quest 2 Available Now

VR Cover Accessories For Oculus Quest 2 Available Now

VR Cover announced that its line of accessories for the Oculus Quest 2 are now available to order, however some of it is already out of stock.

The accessories went up for pre-order in September, but are now available to order immediately from VR Cover, provided you can find stock. The lens cover ($9), silicone cover ($14) and the VR cover ($19) are all listed on the site, however the former 2 appear to already be sold out. You can join a mailing list to let you know when they come back in stock. At the time of writing, the standard VR cover is still in stock and available.

VR Cover have been around for many years and offers loads of accessories for almost every VR headset on the market. While each user’s face will be different, they often provide a comfier or more tailored faceplate for your headset, which many find better when using the Quest for active experiences where you might break a sweat.

We went hands-on with the new VR Cover accessories for Quest 2 ahead of time. Here’s an excerpt of what Jamie had to say:

It shouldn’t come as any surprise that the already well-liked VR Cover brand remains consistent on Quest 2. The padded leather linings maker for a nicer fit than the solution you get with Quest 2, and keeps your headset clean when playing apps like Beat Saber and Until You Fall … If you’ve already got a new strap and want to push your Quest 2 comfort experience that bit further, the VR Cover Facial Lining set should suit you just fine.

We did have some issues, however, like the lining leaving a dark mark around the face. You can read the full review here.

VR Cover accessories are available for Oculus Quest 2 now.

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