VR Exclusive Game Traffic Jams Coming April 8

VR Exclusive Game Traffic Jams Coming April 8

Starting April 8, you can start directing traffic in the new VR exclusive game Traffic Jams. The game is set in a world without traffic lights, and the safety of the entire world is up to you. No pressure though.

In June 2020, Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine) and Little Chicken Game Company announced Traffic Jams exclusively for VR. Oftentimes, VR games are single-player, since others can’t see what you are looking at. With Traffic Jams though, you can gather up to four friends to play, making this great for groups of people who want to game together.

This is not the typical traffic management game though. In Traffic Jams, anything goes. In the trailer, little zombies run around disrupting traffic. You can even see a meteor crash down on the traffic. Friends can control different disasters through a mobile app, making the traffic harder to direct. This multi-player mode will make for a great party game if only one VR headset is available. Currently, you can find this game on Steam or the Oculus Store.


Whether you are a fan of VR gaming or not, there is no denying that this game looks fun. There is something about directing the flow of traffic that just makes for a good game. Something mundane like telling people and cars where to go is so satisfying, especially when your friends can throw a meteor at you.

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