VR FPS Into The Radius Gets A Huge 2.0 Update

VR FPS Into The Radius Gets A Huge 2.0 Update

STALKER-like VR shooter, Into The Radius, just got a huge 2.0 upgrade with plenty of new features.

The update, now available for the PC VR game, is the biggest developer CM Games has released for the project since its launch in July last year. Headlining the patch is a graphics overhaul that focuses on better lighting and detail as well as aiming to improve the overall performance of the game. Check out some screenshots of the overhaul below.

You can also expect new weapon upgrades and modifications, as well as new ammo types to go with them. Plus there’s an increase to enemy variety, changes to the structure of the map and an expansion to the game’s story and lore. There are even additional missions to help give players a chance to settle into the game’s progression system.

There are also bug fixes and tweaks, including issues with Oculus controllers and handheld maps.

We reviewed the original release of Into The Radius in 2020, giving the game a ‘Good’ rating. “Despite its flaws and unpolished nature, Into the Radius is still a good VR game worth playing if you’re a fan of the setting or looking for something dense to dig into,” we said. “You can easily get upwards of 15 hours of content out of this game and the developers seem eager to continue working on it.”

Hopefully these changes will bring about a lot of fixes to our original issues, then. No word yet on possible additional versions of the game for other headsets, but we’ll keep you updated.



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