Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – 5 Best Blood Angel Units

Warhammer 40,000: Battlesector – 5 Best Blood Angel Units

The Warhammer 40k Universe is a vast expanse of war, death, war, heroism, war, darkness, and war. As a setting, it’s ideal for adaptation into the video game space, but, surprisingly, it hasn’t had the best track record. Some diamonds exist in the rough, and the recently Game Passed Battlesector just so happens to be one of them.

Coming packaged with a pretty hefty campaign mode, a meaty skirmish mode, and a fairly comprehensive online multiplayer suite, there are plenty of reasons to dive into the grim darkness of the 41st Millennium. Knowing your way around Intercessors, Aggressors, and Commanders will make the dive a smidge easier to boot.

5 Hellblasters

Hellblasters are a fantastic unit that suffers in a few key areas that hold them back when it comes to ranking. Firstly, they have low accuracy, meaning their damage output is rather RNG based. Secondly, one of their main abilities heavily damages the squad – not great.

The trade-off for these issues? Hellblasters are kings when it comes to slaughtering medium-sized gribblies like Warriors and Venomthropes, and can lay the beatdown on larger monsters, such as the Tyranofex.

Because Hellblasters are rocking massively powerful Plasma Rifles, they are no pushovers. As you upgrade them, their guns improve, becoming even more potent. Even their accuracy improves, which is a huge boon.

Just be warned, a Hellblaster squad is about as effective as an Intercessor squad at killing smaller enemies – and they are much more expensive. Wasting your plasma on a termagant is not the best use for these chaps.

4 Intercessors

The bread and butter of any Blood Angels force. These Primaris Marines might be the first boots you get on the ground, but they remain more than relevant as you progress through the campaign and complete skirmishes.

Coming equipped with a standard-issue bolt rifle, they are excellent at gunning down hordes of minor mooks at a distance, with their range increasing as you research new bolt rifle variants.

In addition to this, they also have access to a self-buff – Battle Line Tactics – that increase their damage output, making a duo of Intercessors quite the ranged threat – even in Overwatch. The only downside of this buff is that they take increased damage in melee. As a result, you really want to avoid getting tangled up in a brawl.

Finally, Intercessor squads have access to two frag grenades each mission, and these do more than enough damage to wipe out entire squads in one throw. Whilst Intercessors are not great at killing the bigger enemies, they are excellent at holding the line against the Tyranid swarm.

3 Aggressors

Not many units in Battlesector can be considered the jack-of-all-trades, but Aggressors certainly wear that mantle with pride. As standard, these beefy blokes are packing Boltstorm Gauntlets capable of mincing swarms of enemies up close, giant fists for clobbering huge monsters in melee, and Fragstorm Launchers for dealing with distant targets.

No matter the situation, an Aggressor Squad can probably deal with it. Upgrades for the squad only make them more devastating, such as equipping them all with flamethrowers or giving them a potent attack damage buff.

Aggressors are also incredibly tanky, rocking a seriously meaty health pool, and impressive armour at the cost of smaller unit sizes. That being said, keeping an apothecary nearby can make this squad neigh on unkillable, so grinding through the endless horde is just a matter of time. They are a bit on the slow side, however.

2 Landspeeders

Battlesector comes with a few vehicles as standard, and sure, the Landspeeder is the first one you encounter – but it just so happens to be one of the best. Having enough armour to ignore most small arms fire, a decent health pool to tank a few big hits, and a humongous movement speed, these things can take a beating and get around.

They come packaged with a Heavy Bolter which is very effective against smaller squads, and can even do work against medium-sized enemies. Having a few Landspeeders on zipping around is not only effective at thinning the enemy, but also at distracting. The best part? They probably can’t catch you if they take the bait.

Just because they are vehicles doesn’t mean they can’t complete objectives either. This makes Landspeeders invaluable during the campaign as you can send a squadron ahead of your main force to mess around whilst you get to killing with your bigger guns.

1 Furioso Dreadnoughts

Nothing quite screams 40k like an immortal, undying, walking coffin. The Furioso Dreadnought is king when it comes to Battlesector as, like with the Aggressor, it can do just about everything, and it does it well.

Rocking a monstrous health pool and armour for days, the Furioso isn’t going down without a fight. You can even buff him up something rotten with a Tech Marine, meaning it’s going to take a while for this badass to die.

When they aren’t dead, they are murdering practically everything. In close combat, they can effortlessly murder monsters 3x their size, distract endless swarms of lesser Tyranids, and maul medium-sized monsters with ease. At a range, they are less impressive, but their armaments are still able to shred infantry like paper making them a fantastic support piece.

They are a tad expensive to run, but for the points, they offer a serious bang for your buck. In the campaign, you even get access to a Furioso Librarian Dreadnought, which is Furioso on steroids. It's like they injected the best unit in the game with pure win, and called it a day.

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