Watch Dogs Legion To Bring Back Aiden Pearce With DLC

Watch Dogs Legion To Bring Back Aiden Pearce With DLC

Aiden Pearce, the main character from the original Watch Dogs, is making a triumphant return in Watch Dogs Legion. He’ll be included as part of the Season Pass post launch content and comes with his own dedicated story arc.

The news came during today’s Ubisoft Forward event, as the company revealed details about several of its high-profile upcoming titles. Beyond the fact that Pearce will be a fully playable character, we also learned that the Season Pass will come with additional DeadSec missions and a four new characters. Most impressive is that the pass comes with the Complete Edition of the original Watch Dogs, giving you a chance to relive the adventure that kicked off an entire franchise.

Pearce was born in Northern Ireland, meaning his trip to dystopian London was likely a short one if he is back home visiting. When we first took control of the beloved criminal he was loitering around Chicago – as a child his mother fled Belfast, although the reasoning for this remains murky. We’re not sure what exactly brings Pearce back across the ocean, but we’re guessing that will be revealed as we play through his personalized storyline.

Ubisoft will be releasing more content about the Season Pass in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for more info. The company says it will include plenty of free content and “will bring playable characters, online content, new modes, missions, and updates.” It’s great to know that the title will be supported well beyond launch, and we’re excited to see what the next installment of the popular series has in store for its millions of fans – especially when it comes to its unique multiplayer modes.

Watch Dogs Legion is set to release for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 29, while the Xbox Series X/S will see it as a launch title on November 10. It’ll also be available on PlayStation 5 whenever Sony steps forward and gives us an official release date.

Here is Ubisoft’s response to the recent allegations of misconduct within the company.

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