Watch: Go In-Depth With Unplugged And Traffic Jams

Watch: Go In-Depth With Unplugged And Traffic Jams

Thursday on the Winter Wrap-Up brings not one but two festive treats from publisher Vertigo Games: new dev diaries for Traffic Jams and Unplugged.

The After The Fall developer is releasing both titles on VR headsets next year, and will share the latest on both below at 9am PT/12pm ET today. First up, Little Chicken drops by to talk what’s new with Traffic Jams, a manic game in which players control the flow of traffic using their hands. We’ve gone hands-on with the experience already and it holds promise as an intuitive use of VR that anyone could pick up and play.

After that we’re getting a fresh look at Unplugged, the hand-tracked VR air guitar game Vertigo announced it would be publishing earlier this month. We’re super intrigued as to if this Guitar Hero-alike can pull off its lofty ambitions of making us feel like we’re really shredding away.

A big thanks to Vertigo, Little Chicken and Another way for joining us for today’s debut on the Wrap-Up.

Not much longer left on the Winter Wrap-Up. We’ve already had a huge week, revealing the first gameplay of The Wizards: Dark Times on Quest, new footage of Wraith: The Oblivion and updates on Blaston and Demeo. Plus we’ve broken down our most anticipated VR games of 2021 and discussed the biggest headlines of the year. Check back in tomorrow when we’ll be revealing world exclusive gameplay of Sam & Max: This Time It’s Virtual and, to close us out, announcing our 2020 VR Award nominations! Check out the full schedule below.

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