Where To Find All Of The Postcards In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Where To Find All Of The Postcards In Spider-Man: Miles Morales

Like the original game, Spider-Man: Miles Morales has more than enough content to keep players busy for quite some time even after the main story has been completed. There are plenty of activities as well as a number of collectible items which include time capsules, sound recordings and postcards.

The latter of these are hidden throughout New York as part of a city-wide scavenger hunt organized by Miles’ father. Each one provides players with a clue to help find the next postcard as well as some XP and activity points. Finding all eight will also unlock the Memory Lane trophy and a special cutscene that provides some extra information about Miles’ childhood.

Given that their approximate locations are shown on the map, many of the postcards are fairly easy to find. Others, however, require a bit more thought or investigation. Thankfully, for those having a hard time deciphering the clues or pinpointing the postcards’ exact locations, we’ve got you covered!

8 Postcard #1 – Harlem

The first postcard is obtained through the Memory Lane quest, which can only be initiated after players have completed the main story. In order to trigger it, all players need to do is return to Miles’ apartment and get some much needed rest. After waking up, Miles will find that the first of the game’s eight postcards has been placed on his chest while he slept. Written on the back is a clue to help find the next one.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

7 Postcard #2 – Upper West Side

Clue: “Facing the park, with the world on our shoulders, we guard the next clue.”

Observant players should already have a good idea of where the clue is sending them. For everybody else though, it’s not too difficult to figure out. Players should head to the National History Museum and look for the metal sculpture of four men holding up a giant metal sphere. It’s here, near the right foot of one of these metal men, that the second postcard and the next clue can be found.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

6 Postcard #3 – Midtown

Clue: “High atop the Empire State you’ll find a pair of blind eyes.”

The clue for the third postcard is a little more direct than some of the others, so players can swing their way over to the game’s tallest building without giving it too much thought. From here, they need to make their way to the observation deck and look around for the binocular stands. One of them is out of order and has a blue toolkit placed on its base. Players can find the third postcard on the ground to the left of this toolkit.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

5 Postcard #4 – Greenwich

Clue: “Find the fossil hiding among the modern. Don’t forget to look up!”

Postcard number four is hidden at the Modern Art Museum in Greenwich and, as per the clue, it is on one of the upper floors. Players should climb onto the balcony area that’s directly above the main entrance and look around for the giant shell fossil. They’ll then have to carefully climb on top of it and look down in order to find the fourth postcard.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

4 Postcard #5 – Financial District

Clue: “Where money is king, you’ll find great tunes, hanging among the lights.”

The clue for the fifth postcard points players towards the C.O.D.B.s nightclub in the southern area of the financial district. It can be a little tricky to find, but by following the icon on the map it shouldn’t take too long. Upon arriving at the nightclub, players will need to look for the large speaker to the right of the door and then either climb the wall or zip up onto one of the nearby lights. The postcard is attached to the wall directly above this speaker.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

3 Postcard #6 – Chinatown

Clue: “Nestled beneath Stuyvesant lives a monster of a good meal.”

Upon arriving in Chinatown, players will need to find Lobster Bill’s, which just so happens to be the restaurant with the giant lobster on the roof. After locating it, which really shouldn’t be too hard to given its size, players then need to find a way to get on top of the oversized crustacean. They can then find the sixth postcard towards the edge of its tail directly in front of the window.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

2 Postcard #7 – Upper East Side

Clue: “No letter enters this artsy castle without stopping at the gate.”

Players need to make their way to the El Barrio building on the Upper East Side, which, as per the clue, looks a bit like a castle. There is a metal fence around the building and a huge pair of iron gates. On the right hand gate there is a red metal postbox and the seventh postcard is taped to the front of it.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

1 Postcard #8 – Harlem

Clue: “Beneath the hoop where you learned to fly, your journey comes to an end”

The eighth and final postcard is back in Harlem and just a short swing away from Miles’ apartment. Players need to make their way over to C.J. Walker Park and then look around for the basketball court. The postcard is attached to the hoop that is directly in front of the blue ‘Logick’ graffiti.

Reward(s): 100 XP + 5 Action Points

Rather than another clue, there is a nice message from Miles’ father written on the back of the postcard. Finding it will also trigger a short flashback cutscene showing Miles playing basketball with his family in C.J. Walker Park when he was younger. After watching the cutscene, the Memory Lane trophy should pop to signify the completion of the scavenger hunt.

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