Why Cosmere would make the perfect video game franchise – Reader’s Feature

Why Cosmere would make the perfect video game franchise – Reader’s Feature

The second tetralogy has a Wild West setting and characters only get access to two powers instead of everything. However, this specialisation means that although they have fewer abilities they can use them more effectively. For instance, one character has the ability to push bullets away from himself, which acts as a forcefield when he has metal available. The setting lends itself to a first person shooter with character powers, like Bioshock and Max Payne. The controllable characters could also be changed between levels to add variety to the combat and set pieces.

Another major Cosmere series is the Storm Light Archive, where characters gain special abilities from bonding to Spren. Spren are magical creatures that appear during heightened emotion, but the bondable ones appear to be rarer, special Spren. The bond gives the character access to two adjacent powers from a set of 10. These powers include gravity manipulation, warping to another realm, healing, and creating detailed illusions.

The Storm Light Archive is again set in a medieval type era but one where there is ancient technology such as magic amour and swords, but also devices that do similar things to the character’s powers. There are also wild creatures that contain gemstones which when infused with light, from a repeating storm, can create the energy source for the character’s powers. These gemstones are also used as currency and to power the technology.

The story is one set on the verge of war and slavery is a key theme. I imagine a game playing similar to a Japanese role-player like Final Fantasy, where you play a small team of players each with differing abilities. There will also be a resource management element where you decide how to use your gemstones.

Elantris bases its magic system on runes. There appear to be a system where more complicated runes can be formed from the simple ones. Therefore, a system similar to alchemy used in some Japanese role-playing games could be used to derive new runes. The player would also be able to try out different drawings to see if they have differing effects. I see this as more of a puzzle-themed game, as the player tries to find runes which create the effect they want.

In Warbreaker magic is linked to colour and people can gain magical powers at the point of death. The concept of gaining abilities when dying could be used as the basis for a roguelike game. Using the abilities also drains colour, therefore a light/dark, good/bad mechanic can be used where relying on your abilities will result in a bad ending.

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