WotC Confirms MTG’s Phyrexia Leaks, Wants To "Preserve The Preview Experience"

WotC Confirms MTG’s Phyrexia Leaks, Wants To "Preserve The Preview Experience"

Last weekend, Magic: The Gathering fans got a surprise with the release of Dominaria Remastered. People drafting the latest expansion noted some packs contained cards from Phyrexia: All Will Be One, an expansion that isn’t scheduled to release until February and hasn’t even officially begun previews yet. Roughly 70 unreleased cards from All Will Be One have been collated so far, which accounts for nearly a quarter of the set.

Whether intentional or not, these leaked cards have really spoiled the surprise in All Will Be One, which will set the stage for Magic’s climactic battle against the forces of Phyrexia. Magic players already know the fates of all 10 Planeswalkers, some new Legendary creatures, all five fast lands, and several interesting rares.

Today, Wizards of the Coast confirmed the leaked cards but said that they won’t change anything about the upcoming preview of Phyrexia: All Will Be One.

"As many fans noted during preview events held at Wizards Play Network stores around the world, some small number of Dominaria Remastered Draft Boosters contained a bit of Phyrexia—namely, rare cards from the upcoming Phyrexia: All Will Be One set," wrote communications manager Blake Rasmussen. "While terribly on-brand for Phyrexia, we also know it was unexpected for fans. If anyone who purchased Dominaria Remastered Draft Boosters is unsatisfied with their purchase due to the presence of future Phyrexian nonsense, you can contact Customer Support here."

The official preview of All Will Be One begins on January 17 at 9 AM PT (12 PM ET) on Magic’s Twitch channel. "While rare card images are out there for those who want to find them, we're choosing to preserve the preview experience for this highly anticipated return to New Phyrexia," Rasmussen added. "Plus, the Booster Fun variants for these cards have yet to be revealed and are amazing pieces of art."

Phyrexia: All Will Be One arrives February 10, and you can check out the full preview schedule here.

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