WoW Classic Phase 2 UPDATE: Dire Maul release date news for October

WoW Classic Phase 2 UPDATE: Dire Maul release date news for October

Dire Maul will now no longer be part of the WoW Classic Phase 2 content launch, Blizzard confirmed today.

As revealed a few months back by the dev team, World of Warcraft Classic will launch content in several phases.

The second of these is scheduled for later this year but doesn’t have a release date.

This was originally going to include Dire Maul but plans have changed, probably due to new content being needed before Phase 2 can launch.

“Our first phase primarily focuses on launching Classic with Onyxia and Molten Core, but we’ve decided to hold off on Dire Maul for a while,” the original message reads.

“Maraudon is still in the first phase, because it was originally released on December 18, 2004, just two weeks after the first player hit level 60, but we recognize that Dire Maul is in a different category.

“Some of the loot that’s attainable from Dire Maul is so good that it would affect progression through those early raids. We’re also planning to hold off on releasing Kazzak and Azuregos at launch as well, for the same reasons.”

Today has seen Blizzard confirm that Dire Maul will launch the week of October 15 and will now be separate from the rest of the Phase 2 launch.

The Dire Maul Dungeon isn’t guaranteed for the actual day of October 15, so we still don’t know exactly when it will open its gates.

Game director Ion Hazzikostas provided the update as part of a new video vlog released by Blizzard.

And it sounded like more content will quickly follow after the launch of Dire Maul, although this might be saved for BlizzCon in early November.

For now, Phase 2 is expected to include Azuregos and Kazzak going live following the launch of Dire Maul.

Blizzard has already confirmed that layering needs to be removed before the new World Bosses can be added to the game.

This is essential, as there should only be one version available to WoW Classic gamers at one time.

And we just received news on how the delayering process is going, with Blizzard sharing earlier this month:

“Over the five weeks since we launched WoW Classic, we’ve continuously monitored realm populations and utilized layering when necessary to handle launch populations. As we’ve said before, we will have all realms on a single layer before introducing world bosses, and a great deal of progress has been made toward that goal.

“First and foremost, players have leveled up and spread out around the world. This allowed us to accommodate more players per layer, which means fewer layers required per realm. The last time a server in this region had more than three layers was the first week of September, and almost all realms reached two layers shortly after that. This includes high population realms such as Faerlina, which has had only two layers for three weeks now.

“We plan to move more realms to a single layer over time, and we will continue to offer free character moves to balance populations and manage login queues. In order to avoid queues in the future, we encourage you to use that service as soon as possible.”

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