WWE 2K23 Confirmed To Launch March 17 With Bad Bunny As A Pre-Order Bonus

WWE 2K23 Confirmed To Launch March 17 With Bad Bunny As A Pre-Order Bonus

Following hints John Cena will be WWE 2K23's cover star, 2K has confirmed that will indeed be the case. Not only that, but a short reveal trailer has also revealed Bad Bunny will be a playable character in a WWE game for the first time.

Reported by VGC, fans who pre-order a copy of WWE 2K23, of which there will be three different editions, will get Bad Bunny included on their in-game rosters. The trailer shows the rapper posing for a photo with an invisible Cena, and then speaking with Triple H as Cena plays the new game at 2K HQ, finally realizing we've all been able to see him all this time.

The regular edition of WWE 2K23 will launch on March 17, a little more than two weeks before WrestleMania 39. If you order a copy of the Deluxe or Icon editions of the game, each of which includes unique cover art starring Cena, then you will be able to play the latest installment in the WWE 2K series on March 14.

Also revealed in the first wave of details about the new game is Cena will be the star of its Showcase mode. Returning to the series for WWE 2K22, Showcase selects a specific Superstar or period in time and lets fans play their way through it. Cena's Showcase will span his entire 20-year career and the iconic matches included will likely be revealed closer to WWE 2K23's release date.

Last but not least, it has also been confirmed WarGames will be added to WWE 2K's list of playable match types. The first time the two-ring match has been included in a WWE game. The series has a lot to live up to after it successfully won back the faith of a lot of wrestling fans via WWE 2K22. Fingers crossed returning to an annual launch doesn't lead to a dip in quality as was the case in the past. A dip that led to WWE 2K21 being canceled entirely.

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