Xbox Accidentally Lists Indie Game For $2,000

Xbox Accidentally Lists Indie Game For $2,000

As the industry standard price for new triple-A games is pretty much $70 across the board now, grabbing everything you want to play when it launches can really start to add up. Particularly if you want to play Ball Race 2: Ramp on your Xbox which is currently listed for $2,000.

No, that's not a typo on my part, but hopefully it is a mistake made by Xbox. First highlighted on Reddit by MelonButterG, and reported by GameRant, the little-known indie game is currently selling for CAD $2,500. The game appears to be mispriced across the board as it is also listed for $2,000 in the US and £1,400 in the UK.

Despite the incorrect price now being up for at least a day, and the mistake continuing to get more and more attention, at the time of typing this, Ball Race 2 still costs about the same as three Xbox Series X consoles. In fact, a reply to the original Reddit post has one Xbox owner weighing up whether they should sell their console to help fund their Ball Race 2 purchase. But then they wouldn't have a console on which to play it. Quite the quandary.

Others have joked that the game has actually been discounted, while a helpful few have suggested waiting until Ball Race 2 is slightly cheaper, no matter how desperate they might be to play it. As for how this might have happened, the leading theory is that the game is actually supposed to cost $20 and someone at Xbox popped in a comma rather than a decimal point. That still doesn't explain why the mistake hasn't been corrected. Maybe Xbox and the Ball Race devs are hoping a famous streamer gets wind of the story and pays the full $2,000 as a stunt.

This isn't the first time a game has been listed on a digital storefront for the wrong price. Last year, Epic accidentally sold copies of FIFA 23's Ultimate Edition, which sells for $100, for just six cents. Epic actually honored the heavily discounted sales of the latest installment in the FIFA series, likely taking quite a hit even though the listing wasn't up for long.

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