Xbox Series X mini fridges are going for £300 on eBay thanks to scalpers

Xbox Series X mini fridges are going for £300 on eBay thanks to scalpers

Scalpers have been buying up dozens of Xbox Series X replica mini fridges at once, and adding £200+ to the price tag on eBay.

The fact that someone once said the Xbox Series X looks a bit like a fridge is something that Microsoft has, for some reason, never forgotten and for the last year it’s been obsessed with keeping the meme alive and making real fridges in the shape of the console.

Previously these have only been produced in limited numbers and given away to celebrities, but now they’re being made in slightly less limited numbers and sold to ordinary customers in the US and UK… or at least that was the idea until scalpers got them all.

Scalpers have been a blight on gaming ever since the start of the new generation, snapping up real Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles to sell at inflated prices on eBay and elsewhere. Microsoft and Sony have done nothing to stop them and now they’ve bought up all the stock of the mini fridges too.

The mini fridge is exclusive to GAME in the UK and should cost £89.99. A quick look on eBay shows that the going rate is now between £250 and £300, which is absurd for a fridge that can only hold 12 cans of beer.

The fridges went up for pre-order on GAME at 2pm and fans on Twitter reported them having sold out within 10 minutes.

Stardock’s Brad Sams has highlighted how scalpers where using bots to buy up dozens of fridges at a time, with apparently no restrictions.

It’s a particular shame because GAME, unlike most retailers, has made some effort to try and stop scalpers buying multiple next gen consoles at once. It’s just a shame they didn’t do the same for their ice cold replicas.

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