XQC Offers Words Of Discouragement For Everyone Climbing The Ladder

XQC Offers Words Of Discouragement For Everyone Climbing The Ladder

Former Overwatch League player and popular Twitch streamer xQc has some advice for players of competitive games: you suck and you’ll never get better.

Félix “xQcOW” Lengyel is known for his toxic outbursts, in fact, many of his fans would tell you that’s part of his charm. xQc ended a 12-hour stream with a few rounds of League of Legends this week, and after making every excuse in the book for why he’s still ranked silver, he offered some words of encouragement to other players climbing the ladder.

Just kidding, he flamed everyone to death instead.

“All the people in chat that are in silver, bronze, and copper, just know it doesn’t get better and you’ll never get out of there and you’re complete garbage.” he started, and it only escalated from there. xQc has taken to LoL like a duck to water, a game with a notoriously toxic community.

It isn’t particularly surprising to hear xQc go off like this. xQc’s pro career ended over similarly mean-spirited comments, and while you can debate whether the move to full-time streamer has left him better off, the fact remains xQc outed from Dallas Fuel after repeatedly earning suspensions for hate-filled language.

“When I climb to masters and I come back there and I’m on my throne and I look down on your just remember when you try to pick on me for being temporarily silver and know that you’ll never ever ever get good at the game and you’ll never even be close to my skill set. But thanks for trying anyway.”

The cool calmness with which xQc delivers these words of discouragement makes it a lot funnier than his typical fits of rage. He obviously has a sense of self-awareness about what he’s saying. If you didn’t know xQc, you might think this was just a tongue-in-cheek bit. Don’t be mistaken though, xQc DOES think you’re trash.

xQc signs off the stream with some exceptionally foul language we won’t repeat, but you’re welcome to check out the full clip below:

During the stream, xQc played Cuphead and Bloons before ending with a few rounds of League. xQc streams 8-12 hours a day 7 days a week. As of this writing, he has yet to climb out of silver.

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