You Can Now Pull For Ganyu In Genshin Impact

You Can Now Pull For Ganyu In Genshin Impact

Calling all Coco Goat fans, you can now pull for Genshin Impact’s latest five-star character, Ganyu. From now until February, XX, the secretary for the Liyue Qixing will be the limited rate-up banner.

We first met Ganyu back in Genshin Impact’s early beginnings last year, long before her banner was ever announced. She’s quickly become a fan-favorite and lovingly referred to by the community as Coco Goat, a nickname that comes from little Qiqi who believes there’s a mythical Coco Goat somewhere in Liyue. Ganyu pops up right after Qiqi mentions it and sends you on a quest, so put two and two together there.

Ganyu is another bow user joining the fray, but she may still be filling a deeply needed void in Genshin Impact. Folks seem to think that once the final numbers roll in, she’ll be a viable main Cryo element DPS – something the game’s current meta lacks. Her launch trailer, Ambling Amidst Karst Peaks, is already out now ahead of her banner, check it out!

Ganyu’s kit includes her normal/charge attack in the form of Liutian Archery that fires six consecutive bow shots or charges for Cryo damage, and the elemental skill Trail of the Qilin. That elemental attack adds another taunt to the game similar to Amber’s, distracting enemies until they explode in a mess of AoE Cryo damage. Her burst attack, Celestial Shower,  also sounds equally nasty for foes as it rains down a massive flurry of ice shards.

Ganyu’s limited banner includes boosted rates for other characters, too. You’ll see increased chances for four-star characters Xiangling, Xingqui, and Noelle. So if you’re looking to increase the constellation on any of these four-stars, now is the time to pull.  Genshin Impact will also see the launch of a new weapon banner and side story quest for Ganyu, rewarding you with those precious, precious Adventure Rank points.

Genshin Impact just received its 1.2 update at the end of December, adding in the now-expired banner for Albedo. You can explore Dragonspire now and we eagerly anticipate the next big content drop in the form of update 1.3.

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