Animal Crossing Player Holds In-Game Memorial For Late Father

Animal Crossing Player Holds In-Game Memorial For Late Father

Animal Crossing: New Horizons player and Redditor lazyleiz held a memorial for her father, who would have been 68, in the small town simulator. They scanned an image of him into the game to display on an easel, designed custom fireworks, and set up a special area to honor him.

“I held it completely in Animal Crossing! My siblings and I are located all over the map and Animal Crossing has surprisingly turned into a place for us to virtually gather,” lazyleiz told GameSpot. “I created the memorial in June for Fathers Day, and I’ve enjoyed surprising my siblings with little parties there.”

The pandemic has made mourning more difficult as families and friends can’t always be together. Families have had to plan and hold their funerals virtually, although some have opted to use Animal Crossing and Zoom to gather and remember those they’ve lost.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has also been a place for concerts, parties, and graduation parties. Tove Lo held a DJ set, Selena Gomez performed a new song, and Brie Larson joined a talk show–all from within Animal Crossing over the last month.

Lazyleiz enjoyed designing unique fireworks, like an image of national flag of the Philippines, in order to make the memorial feel unique to their family. “I’m not normally super creative, but there’s something about the tools this game gives you,” lazyleiz said. “I love being able to make something not just for me to enjoy, but my loved ones as well.”

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