Devil May Cry 3 On Switch Is Shaping Up To Be A Significant Upgrade

Devil May Cry 3 On Switch Is Shaping Up To Be A Significant Upgrade

We’re approaching the first anniversary of Devil May Cry 5’s launch, and developer Capcom has been actively hyping up the Switch re-release of another favorite in the devil-slaying series, Devil May Cry 3. Earlier this month, Capcom revealed that DMC3 would see a suite of changes, including Style-Switching, for its debut on Switch on February 20, making it stand out from other ports. Today, Capcom producer Matt Walker revealed that DMC3 on Switch features an expanded weapon-swapping system, allowing Dante even more freedom in changing his gear on the fly.

Though DMC3 had a fairly standard weapon-swap system, first introduced in the maligned DMC2, the Switch version broadens it a bit more. Along with a more flexible loadout, you’ll also be able to change to any of the game’s weapons–both melee and firearms–on the fly during battle. In a video shared on Twitter, Walker explained that by holding down the weapon swap buttons, you can pull up a radial menu showing every weapon in the game, and by using the right stick, you can change to them instantly.

Devil May Cry 3 on Switch will feature a new mode called Free Style, which is where the new changes to the game can be experienced. If you’re a purist and want to stick with the game as it was, then the base game will be available as well. However, it can’t be stated enough that many of these changes will radically overhaul the flow of the game, which makes yet another revisit an exciting prospect. DMC3 combo videos have been a staple of the franchise for much of its lifespan, and it’ll be interesting to see where the top players can take the combat system next.

This upcoming re-release will be the last of the original PS2 DMC games coming to the portable console. While the previous games were released largely as is, the extra effort for DMC3 is likely to make it more comparable to later games like DMC4 and 5, which expanded upon the foundations of the third game.

Weapon swapping and style switching are already game-changing additions to the game, yet there’s still another reveal of an extra feature to come on February 13. While these changes will be coming to the Switch release, there hasn’t been any word about a possible update to the existing PC, PS4, Xbox One versions. As it stands now, DMC3 on Switch will be the most significant upgrade to the game since the release of Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition in 2006.

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