Duck Hunt’s next platform? Your Christmas tree

Duck Hunt’s next platform? Your Christmas tree

Christmas has already passed. 2020 is already here, too, and if your Christmas decorations aren’t down yet you might be a monster. So yes, it’s a little late to add more boughs of holly to the mantel. But, we’ve found something you might want to start preparing for next year: a playable version of the Nintendo classic Duck Hunt for your Christmas tree.

Spotted by Hackaday, YouTube creator wermy put together a version of Duck Hunt designed to be played on your tree. He created the game using a base with a screen — the TV-shaped ornament — and some Arduino boards linked up to 3D-printed parts. Here’s how it works: an Arduino board inside the zapper helps link the gun up to the different duck ornaments hanging on the tree; the ducks, too, are hooked up to the TV ornament. The ducks light up at random. To score points, you’ve got to hit ‘em — just like in the regular version of the game. The Arduino inside the TV ornament keeps score, and will keep the game running until you miss a duck.


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Wermy doesn’t have a video yet on how to make one yourself, but he said he’d be willing to go more in-depth if folks are interested. Listen to me, wermy: We’re interested. If I could get Duck Hunt running on a Christmas tree, I might even take the risk of putting one up next year.

My cat — who is definitely a monster — always knocks them down.

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