Lego Super Mario will get ‘Power-Up Packs,’ including Cat Mario

Lego Super Mario will get ‘Power-Up Packs,’ including Cat Mario

Lego and Nintendo’s Lego Super Mario line will launch on Aug. 1. The new “Lego game experience” is part brick-building, part game — and a new addition announced Wednesday will make that experience more complex.

Announced in a YouTube video posted Wednesday, Lego Super Mario “Power-Up Packs” will give players new ways to interact with their sets. Essentially, these are interactive clothes you can dress up your Lego Mario in — the Fire Mario suit, the Propeller Mario suit, Cat Mario suit, and Builder Mario suit.

The Fire Mario suit lets players throw virtual fireballs are enemies. With the Propeller Mario suit, Lego Mario can collect (invisible) coins when floating in the air. Cat Mario suit — the best Lego Mario Power-Up Pack, clearly — gives Lego Mario cat sounds and lets players collect coins by climbing walls. Builder Mario is pretty cool, too, but I certainly hope it’s sturdy: To collect coins, you have to smash Lego Mario down on stuff.

Image: Lego/Nintendo

Each of these Power-Up Packs will cost $9.99 — and you’ve got to supply your own Lego Mario figure. These figures will get released on Aug. 1 alongside the Lego Super Mario Starter Course, which costs $59.99. (The Starter Course includes the base Lego Mario figure.) Expansion kits are coming too, including a Bowser boss battle and a Piranha Plant kit.

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