New Nintendo Switch accessories solve one of the console’s most frustrating features

New Nintendo Switch accessories solve one of the console’s most frustrating features

Gaming accessories manufacturer Bionik announced a new lineup of peripherals at this year’s E3 convention. Three of the four devices are designed for the Nintendo Switch and two of them address the console’s complicated audio setup, which has been extremely messy since launch.

The most interesting offering is the Nintendo Switch Chat Mixer, which allows players to control both in-game audio and voice chat from a single device. Nintendo still doesn’t offer in-game chat for Switch games (though some developers are taking advantage of Fortnite’s Vivox technology), instead relying on the Nintendo Switch Online mobile app. Bionik’s dongle plugs into the Switch’s headphone jack and connects to a phone via Bluetooth. Players can either plug headphones into the dongle or connect wireless headphones to the dongle, again via Bluetooth.

If you’re just interested in connecting wireless headsets to the Switch, Bionik is also releasing an accessory called BT AudioSync. Another dongle, this time plugging into the power port, the device allows players to connect any wireless headset to the Switch, not just the ones that are compatible with the console. That means you can use wireless earbuds like AirPods while playing Switch games, if you are so inclined. The BT AudioSync dongle can also plug directly into the dock, allowing it to be used while the Switch is charging.

Rounding out the lineup are a carrying bag designed for the Switch with a built-in battery and a customizable PC and Android gaming controller.

Bionik has not yet announced prices for the new devices, with the exception of the Nintendo Switch Chat Mixer, which will retail for $39.99.

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