Ninjala Allows For Worldwide Matchmaking With Update 2.0

Ninjala Allows For Worldwide Matchmaking With Update 2.0

Ninjala launched as Switch exclusive back in June, and the free-to-play multiplayer brawler has received updates and free rewards since. Now, in a new update, the game has added a heap of tweaks, additions, and an important change to matchmaking.

Version 2.0, which is live now, introduces worldwide matchmaking, meaning that you’re no longer limited to your region’s servers. “The Ninjala team has recognized that the current matching environment is far from ideal, and has taken player feedback deeply to heart,” the update reads. “In hopes of offering our players an improved matching experience, we have implemented a major update to the matching system.”

After hearing from players that it was frustrating being unable to play with international friends, or at times when few other people in their region are online, developer GunHo has made some changes. “Now that matching has been unified across all regions, we believe it will now be possible to find worthy teammates and opponents at all hours of the day, and that Battle Royale ranked matches will be more rewarding,” the update says.

“In accordance with this change, player ranking–previously broken down by region–will also be unified across the entire world,” it continues. “From this day forward, Ninjala will become a truly global competition.” The matchmaking has received further tweaks to make it easier to find matches.

There have also been extensive tweaks to the game’s weapons, so the full update notes are worth a look if you want to see if your favorite has changed.

Ninjala received a 6/10 in GameSpot’s review. “What we have so far is a solid foundation,” wrote reviewer Steve Watts. “The battle fundamentals are well-designed and unique, and the visual flair is absolutely bursting with personality.”

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