Amazon offers FF14 Online Black Fat Chocobo mount free with $19.99 video game purchase

Amazon offers FF14 Online Black Fat Chocobo mount free with $19.99 video game purchase

The latest Final Fantasy 14 Online expansion, “Shadowbringers”, will be released next month and Square Enix is running an adorable new promotion to hype the new downloadable content. When you spend $19.99 or more on video games at Amazon you’ll get the Black Fat Chocobo mount, an absolute unit, for free.

Black Fat Chocobo is a recolor of Fat Chocobo, which was a bonus in the Final Fantasy 14 collector’s edition. A white Fat Chocobo was offered in a similar promotion Amazon back in 2016. Some other Fat Chocobos have been released since, as well as similarly adorable chonky mounts, but the Black Fat Chocobo is new for this Amazon campaign.

The happy birb even has his own theme music that plays when you ride him, appropriately titled “Big Boned.” He’s egged on by a cabbage on a stick, though to get him to fly you’ll also need to dangle a cake above his head. In other words, Fat Chocobo is perfect and I would die for him.

In order to claim this beautiful creature, you’ll first have to spend $19.99 or more at Amazon’s gaming section. Unfortunately, that doesn’t include any pre-orders, but many players are just stocking up on FF14 Online time cards, which are necessary to play online anyway.

Confusingly, not everything in the video game category is eligible (a PlayStation Plus membership isn’t, but a Switch Pro Controller is). If you’re making a purchase because you want to grab that good boy, just make sure that you see “Black Fat Chocobo DLC — 1 applicable promotion” under the price.

Amazon’s promotion runs through July 1 and Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers will be released on July 2.

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