Apex Legends Bug Locks Characters Even If You Own Them

Apex Legends Bug Locks Characters Even If You Own Them

Apex Legends has just launched Season 5, which includes a brand-new legend to play, Loba. But a troublesome bug appears to be keeping you from playing as the new character, or any other character that requires an in-game purchase.

The bug makes any extra character appears as locked in the character select screen. Outside of a match, they’re still unlocked, but you can’t play as them since you can’t choose them in the character select. Those include Mirage, Caustic, Octane, Wattson, Crypto, and Revenant, as well as Loba. [Update: Respawn says a fix is on the way on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.]

Respawn has issued a statement saying this is among the bugs it’s working on; relatedly, currency and menu navigation problems are being looked into. Beyond that, Respawn is also aware of textures appearing dark or black (something players have reported on the character-select screen) and crashes with high-level graphics settings on PC. There’s no word on when these will be fixed or if additional updates will be required.

Apex Legends Season 5 includes a lot of changes aside from Loba. You can also get a new battle pass and its rewards, changes to the King’s Canyon map, a story mode to help define the characters, a big balance change for Mirage and a shotgun swap.

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