Apex Legends Update Targets Hit Registration, But It's Not Fixed Yet

Apex Legends Update Targets Hit Registration, But It's Not Fixed Yet

Apex Legends recently released its Season 5 patch, which started the game’s new season and introduced a new playable character, Loba. But there were new issues that popped up too, with numerous players on the game’s Reddit noting that they were facing issues with hit registration.

[Update: It appears the situation hasn’t been entirely resolved, with Respawn acknowledging that some players still have hit-registration issues. As seen in the tweet below, it says it will provide more info regarding a fix when it’s available, but as of now, there’s no time table or further word on when this will be addressed.]

Thankfully, this issue has been swiftly dealt with. A tweet from the official Apex Legends Twitter account has informed everyone that a server side patch has been released, which seeks to address the issue. Players should find that there are no longer issues with hits registering.

This will make it a bit easier to work through Season 5’s Battle Pass, and get to grips with Loba’s abilities.

May 2020 marks the 10th anniversary of Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment, which makes Season 5 extra special. The new season was hit by another bug that locked players from using certain characters, but that has also since been addressed.

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